Recap of the ArchLoot AMA with Blockchain Space

On Thursday, July 21st, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Jonathan, The CEO of ArchLoot, and

Dirk, The CMO of ArchLoot.

We asked them questions about the development of ArchLoot.


Q~ Could you do a self-introduction first? Tell us how your career brought you to ArchLoot, and what you do there ?


Jonathan : Ok so hello again everyone, the ArchLoot team is glad to be here to talk about our project, I'm Jonathan, the CEO of ArchLoot, from Belgium. My past work experience comes from traditional game studios such as Yostar, Aoshitang, Mars game, and Taptap and in projects such as Arknights, Ragnarok online, Azur Lane, and Ulala: Idle Adventure just to cite a few.

Dirk : Hello everyone, I'm Dirk, from Canada, and am now the CMO of ArchLoot. I was from the traditional finance industry, and directed BBShares, one of the first fully-compliant crypto hedge funds in Asia. Co-founder of a fund of hedge fund (FoF). Was initially from the traditional hedge fund space.

Q~ What is ArchLoot? What’s different about it? What makes up the confidence of the team ?

A~ ArchLoot is an NFT-based UGC game built on BNB Chain. This position is built on our unique protocol - EIP 4985 and BEP 129.

Avatars are assembled by NFT parts, which fully support user-generated modifications. Gamers have assets more than a static jpeg, but a ‘live’ part that its metadata can be changed and protected by a treasury contract.

Yes. Therefore, I can say our advantage in the GameFi space will be plain and neat: Playability.

The technology cannot happen without our team, which comprises crypto and gaming talents. Our 40 members have proven cases in the space, including an experimental game, mir1 on the iost chain, and made many enhancements based on community opinions. It is our mission to provide the market with an ideal practice that balances the NFTs elements with the enrichment of the gaming experience.

But i guess nothing would speak more than a gameplay preview

Xiaolin : True! we all know that building a project at such quality is extremely hard and require lots of talented people.

Jonathan : Yes and in this respect our team comes from different industries, it helps to gather talents having different expertise.

Q~ What is the tokenomics design of ArchLoot? Do you have any news related to tokens that can share with us ?

A~ ArchLoot adopts a dual-token model as $ALT serves as the governance token for ecosystem contribution while $ALG is the in-game currency for props upgrading and such.

In the long term, we believe our gamer-first strategy would be a key contributor. By that, I mean an effective user retention model driven by our good game quality, balanced economic system, and robust community for user-generated content.

To add something about our token, our governance token has not been listed yet. Before this exciting moment, why not join our Discord Carnival to win some early $ALT:

Q~ Why should people invest in your NFTs? How can ordinary users benefit from the game ?

A~ The game itself is free-to-play. We will be dropping common parts for players to join the game. But fairly speaking, the NFTs are significant.

Our NFTs come in 4 types: torso, head, upper limb, lower limb, and accessories, and each of them falls into 1 category of rarity.

To say the fundamental value, they are essential parts of your gaming experience, determining your attributes, leveling up speed and more. It is currently the only way to gain powerful in-game advantages in the early stage.

Besides that, the 1st wave blindbox holders have the best level perks for now, which include the chance of direct participation in CBT phase 2. Also, our floor prices have climbed, as we know, 5 times higher. Investment is part of this industry.

Xiaolin : Do you mind sharing more details on becoming a blind box holder ?

Dirk : Definitely, we have conducted the first wave of blindbox sale on BinanceNFT last month, with 200 blindbox sold out in seconds.

We will be launching another round of mystery box sale scheduled for second week of Aug.

Q~ What is the latest progress of ArchLoot ?

A~ Speaking of mystery box sales, Our 2nd wave of ArchLoot blindbox sales will start on August 8! The 1st wave sold out in seconds like mentioned by Dirk and the floor price/volume keep rising after since. So if you are interested in that, stay close to us.

Speaking of progress about Archloot

We have recently started the recruitment for ambassador & mod:

In alignment with our plan to expand to SEA markets, we are expecting some applicants from these areas, and of course, if you’d like to learn/earn more in GameFi, we are ready to welcome you at any time.

We are a game project after all! So besides compensation & bonus, you’ll also have direct access to our closed/open beta test. I have the confidence to say the next version of ArchLoot is definitely something to be expected.

The next beta test is scheduled for August 15! Follow us on socials for the latest news.

Official website:







We welcome everybody to take a look at the project.


Q~ How does the reward system in ArchLoot work? What can players earn by playing and how can they earn income from the content they earn? Can you talk about ArchLoot's revenue models and how the project made a profit ?

A~ In the play-to-earn in ArchLoot the two are intertwined throughout:

1. Daily quests and rewards are in ALG (utility token).

2. PvE mode is where our NFT (the monster body parts) can be looted. In dungeons, monsters can be killed and Loot boxes can be dropped (100% for boss). NFT parts, ALG, materials and other rewards can be opened in Loot Box.

3. PvP gameplay is where users can win ALT (main token on exchanges). We’ll host season competitions/tournaments.

4. UGC centric, we will periodically host UGC events - eg, for instance, ArchLoot Gallery (avatar creation comp, user-designed NFTs) and reward those that performed well in these events. Rewards are in the form of ALT tokens and exclusive NFTs.

Here’s more about the body part NFTs and how they fit into the game.

Jonathan : To add up on the UGC part that Dirk mentioned. The core ingredient for us is all about the project being UGC (User Generated Content).

Creativity is at the center of every character because the body parts are all NFTs. UGC first came about with outlets allowing journalists to publish their own content on the outlet. In ArchLoot, you can create the NFT, create your own completely unique monster, Play in teams, Go solo hunting, trade those NFT body parts, receive tokens in daily quests, Buy hunting licenses to acquire rarer or more legendary NFTs, and much more.

Q~ ArchLoot is currently in the process of developing an ambassador program for its platform. What areas or communities will you initially focus on with this program? What requirements will be necessary to become ambassadors for your platform and what benefits will this provide ?

A~ As explained before, we are expecting Crypto/NFT/Gamefi know-how to join us. We already have a small team functioning very well in the Korean market. Therefore our next focus would be South East Asia. This is also part of our go to market strategy.

For mods, being active within our own community channels is a must. For ambassadors, we are happy to value whatever platform you‘d like to expose ArchLoot.

You can find the applications form here:




Q~ Does Archloot intend to provide fair play in games? Has a ranking system been implemented to avoid fights between low-level and expert players ?

A~ Although we have NFT sale event that generates rarer body parts, the game we design is indeed quite balanced in the following aspects:
1. The game is free-to-play, everyone will get the same chance of grinding and looting mobs and bosses.
2. The instances are restricted by level, which requires time spend in game and to some extent skills, both of which cannot be purchased.
3. The NFT upgrade/reforge system allow everyone to improve their NFTs.
4. PVP ranking matchmaking will prioritize opponent of similar profiles.

Q~ I am aware that the Blind Box NFT, which was initially offered for sale on Binance, serves as a "ticket" for the OBT Second Round. What utility does the NFT which will be offered for sale a second time on August 8 have ?

A~ The second wave of NFT (Aug 😍 will have almost every utility that the First wave have. Except that not every NFT holder of second wave can participate in our CBT II. We will do a raffle for those who are interested in joining.

Q~ I read that ALTvers, where the game takes place, is a remote world centred on the master island, one of many planets in an endless galaxy. So, is Archloot a game with some sort of open world mechanism where users will be able to explore the entire galaxy while playing the game ?

A~ The lore of the game is expanded much farther than the game itself, despite having correlation with the game, it is not possible to visit the other universe unfortunately, (we'd like to make it happen though) but we prefer to create a stable and fun project than just trying to over-promise and at the end the game is not good, and that's not a problem of the crypto industry only, the traditional game industry is also doing it. The game is an instance game, partially open world, the areas you can visit, boss fights, PVP, raids all are in live action open world, but the rest will not be open world like in the RPG sense of it.

We often organize airdrops, UGC events in our different social medias, feel free to join to try to benefits from those!

Official website:








Well, if you’d like to know more about the project, you can check our socials, the Beta is not far away. We all know the importance of early-birders. Thanks for having us here.

It’s really nice having the ArchLoot project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to ArchLoot.

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