Recap of the Bluzelle AMA with Blockchain Space

On Friday, June 11th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Pavel Bains, The CEO of Bluzelle.

We asked him questions about the development of Bluzelle.


Q~ Please start off by introducing yourself to the Blockchain Space community and your role in the team ?

A~ Hi everyone, I’m Pavel, the CEO of Bluzelle. I oversee mainly all business and marekting duties.

My background is from video games and finance. I worked for Disney, EA, and did stuff with DreamWorks.

Q~ What is Bluzelle project, give full details about blockchain problems you aim to resolve with Bluzelle project?

A~ Bluzelle is a decentralized storage network. It combines data storage and file storage.

The problem is that current web infrstaructure is centralized. If the server where you data is stored goes down, you dont have access. Its got one point of entry, so it can be stolen. It can also be censored.

With Bluzelle all storage is saved across thousands of nodes. So its’ always available, always safe, and cant be censored. All those data hacks you hear about will be prevented.

Q~ Share with us the detailed information as regards the use cases and tokenomics of $BLZ?

A~ The two best use cases are:

  1. NFTs - right now the blockchain can assure who owns the NFT and its legit. But the digital art file is still stored in a central place. Bluzelle can now store the NFT for you in our network. This makes sure it is there for you. We are launching this next week with Mintable.

The BLZ token is used for staking on the network to secure it. Its also used to pay for storage and price feeds. And storage providers earn BLZ.

Q~ Where is Bluzelle’s current road map, your current achievements and what update should we expect from Bluzelle?

A~ We launched Bluzelle 2.0 two weeks ago. That is where we unveiled that we can do file storage.

Over the next two months we have a lot of things happening. Primarily everything is focused on increasing network utility.

Next week we are hosting a massive hackathon with Gitcoin.

Also coming is a yield farming type of program for data — Call of Data. This will be great for BLZ holders.

Also coming is full EVM support for BSC, Polygon, and others.

Upgrading to cosmos stargate — bringing interoperability to all cosmos chains with Bluzelle.

So we have lots happening just over 10 weeks.


Q~ On your website you mention that you have a data cultivation program called Call of Data. Could you give us more information about this program and its usefulness in Bluzelle? Also, when will EVM string support and usability be available in Metamask?

A~ Call of Data is a competition for BLZ holders to submit data to Bluzelle and launch datasets. Those that do can farm BLZ. Its a way for us to populate the network with datasets that developers can use. So we get to attract more devs and increase network utility.

EVM support should be there in the next 10 days.

We are also launching a meta-mask style wallet for Bluzelle in the next 10 days.

Q~ How do you encourage developer activity, so as to ensure more developers can create applications that use Bluzelle?


1. Hosting hackathons, like we are doing with Gitcoin

2. Doing programs like Call of Data

We also plan on doing online workshops with our tech team.


Q~ Recently, Bluzelle announced the launch of Bluzelle 2.0. What were the main reasons for the development of the upgraded version Bluzelle 2.0 and will it replace or complement the previous version?

A~ Its to complement. The main reason was we started exploring NFT storage which is different from data storage. Its flies now. This made Bluzelle more robust and powerful. With everything we have planned, it was time to release version 2.0.

Q~ Your most recent community expansion was to Korea thanks to a partnership with Reblock, do you plan to expand to other countries?

A~ Yes, we will selectively pick them. Korea made sense. We are looking at Japan too.

Q~ As read on your site “Developers, musicians, artists, scientists will now have the means to control their creations and keep them secure and always available.” please how is the security of these contents guaranteed?

A~ All their IP is stored across thousands of nodes. And they are secured by our blockchain. So if anyone wants to steal it, they need to take over the network and control the blockchain — which we all know is secure.


Q~ Almost 85% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding, the real value of the project., can you tell us on motivations and benefits, for investors, to hold your token in long term?

A~ You know where DeFi was 2 years ago? And then it took off one year ago?

Web 3 is where Defi was two years ago. Ready to explode.

Q~ I have a question, Can you list some of the features with which is you are most confident about your platform? How can you advertise your project worldwide and make it popular?

A~ Our new NFT Storage solution. If we become known as the safest place to store your NFTs, then we’ own the market and can start storing everything else.

Q~ Can you tell us about some of the partners Bluzelle is currently working with? Can you expand on Bluzelle’s recent focus on DeFi?

A~ Mintable - a NFT platform backed by Mark Cuban. We have a storage solution for them.

Equinix - a $50B NASDAQ data company. We have a solution that makes it safe for people to launch Bluzelle validators on the cloud.

Equilibrium - a polkadot Defi platform that will use our Oracle solution.

Q~ Is your team the best? Do you have any blockchain engineers on the team or have plans to add additional?

A~ Our team is amazing with a group that can do multiple things and have gained a lot of blockchain experience. We are hiring more now and the hackathon is one way to recruit.

Q~ What impact does N-covid 19 have on the recent market on Bluzelle? Has recent poor market conditions hindered or hindered the process and goals of the platform in the nearest future?

A~ Covid 19 didnt have any negative effects on us. The group is already remote. But it did scare us in March 2020. We all got scared thinking we don’t know what may happen in the future. So it made us work harder, smarter and start releasing features and grow as we don’t know what may happen.

So far its paid off for us and set us on a path for greatness.


I think it would be good for people to join our Discord channel.

Can engage with our team and others more.

Make sure to join our channels as we have lots coming and ways to use BLZ and earn more BLZ>

It’s really nice having the Bluzelle project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to Bluzelle.

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