Recap of the Bose Finance AMA with Blockchain Space

On Saturday, February 27th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Donald, The Lead Dev of Bose Finance.

We asked him questions about the development of Bose Finance.


Q~ Briefly introduce yourself to the Bockchain Space community?

A~ Hello everyone,

My name is Donald and I’m the lead Dev Bose.Finance. Don Chilly is our CEO. I’m a computer systems developer myself with a recent inclination on Blockchain.

Q~ Tell us the core background of BOSE FINANCE to the community?

A~ Bose Finance is a Binance Smart Chain Protocol with a Passive Yield Generation and Instant Token Buy and Burn.

2% of every transaction is used to reward holders and buy back and burn tokens.1% for buy back and burn and 1% for rewards to holders therefore assuming a deflationary mechanism.

Q~ Give us full information on $BOSE token sales, and the criterias to partake in BOSE. presale ?

A~ We already did our Presale and listed $BOSE on Pancakeswap. So the Presale is null and void now!

We had an intial 10,000 $BOSE mint. We burned 5,812.835209522 BOSE after Presale.1,405.250006422 BOSE is available on Pancake swap as liquidity and the rest are with holders and the black hole where the contract instantly burns when a transaction is done.

Q~ What problem will BOSE FINANCE solve in the block chain industry that any other similar projects have not solved, how do you plan stay relevant in the industry?


1. We want to do away with rug pulls and scams and stay open to investors and the community at large. We kept our word: Listed the project, burned unsold tokens, renounced contract ownership and locked liquidity for ever.

2. Investors can bet on Bose Finance team that we will NEVER abandon the project like other projects keep doing. We are here with the project as long as Crypto Remains.

3. We will keep innovating the project so HODLERS and the community can have huge returns for their investments.

Q~ What other exchange do plan to launch $BOSE ? Can you expatiate more on the security system of BOSE FINANCE ?


1. We are planning to list on 3 or more BSC compliant DEXs and 2 CEXs going forward.

2. We already got audited by and no vulnerabilities were found.

3. We have renounced the ownership of the contract so no illegal functions can be called from our end.

4. Liquidity on Pancakeswap is FORVER locked.

Investors can be sure their investments will remain SAFU.


Q ~ Telegram user @Emmie971 : Bose Finance contracts were audited by #Safumaster. The whitelist and presale was also on the same platform. For those of us who missed the presale, where can we buy tokens after? Which Exchanges would you list tokens on and how will Liquidity be provided in the long term? Should we expect CEX listing?

A~ Buy #BOSE from Pancakeswap

We will list on more BSC compliant DEXs and maybe 1 or 2 CEXs going forward.

Q ~ Telegram user @Nickkiii : I couldn’t find any information, when checking on popular sites, when do you plan to list $BOSE on coingecko and coinmarketcap for more visibility?

A~ We have already applied for both. We are waiting for responses from both.

Q ~ Telegram user @ASIF20011 : I am interested in your project and would like to invest in it but I need to know a thing . What would your team’s top priorities to fullfill in the year 2021 and how far has the team achieved this?

A~ Our biggest goal is to see investors benefit immensely from this project.We want to see X100 or more returns by end of the year.

Q ~ Telegram user @Nazunazz : One of the mission of Bose Finance is to X3-X10 moon pump for $BOSE. So as a new token in the market, how will you possibly achieve it? What are the strategy you are engaging to realize your mission? What is your biggest capacity to boom in the market?

A~ We are doing constant and progressive marketing.

Q ~ Telegram user @minaral : If the 50% revenue used to BuyBack and other 50% sent to token holders than what are the benefits of the project itself? From where you generate revenue?

A~ We took a little bit of the funds raised for Presale and we have a few tokens we are holding for marketing and developing costs.


It’s really nice having Bose Finance project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to Bose Finance.

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