Recap of the Bountie Hunter AMA with Blockchain Space

  1. Earn Yield: You would be able to stake BOUNTIE to earn 20% APY on single-side staking and 100% APY on liquidity mining.
  2. Win Allocations: Our token holders will be able to earn via staking, farming, airdrops, esports tournaments and many more!
  3. Receive Airdrops: You’ll receive airdrops from our partners when you stake BOUNTIE.
  4. Farm Tokens: You’ll be able to farm our partners tokens when you stake BOUNTIE. Thus increasing your APY. Similar to how Unifarm works.
  5. Trade NFTs: You will be able to use BOUNTIE to buy and sell NFTs on our marketplace once it’s launched.
  1. Revenues Targets - We are shooting for at least $10m revenue for 2022. If things goes smoothly, this target may be extremely conservation. 🙂
  2. Token holders - Based on the 8 launchpads that we are working with for public sale, we should have at least 8,000 to 15,000 token holders. Our goal is to increase that by 20x to 300,000 token holders. This includes the 250,000 gamers that have already registered on
  3. Product Roadmap - To deliver the features on time with the high level of craft possible.



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