Recap of the Calypso Network AMA with Blockchain Space

On Friday, June 18th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Calypso, The founder and one of three main developers at Calypso Network.

We asked him questions about the development of Calypso Network.


Q~ Thanks for joining us today. Please start off by introducing yourself to the Blockchain Space community and your role in the team?

A~ Sure, I’m the founder and one of three main developers for our Calypso Network. I handle the development as well as set the overall vision and direction for the project.

Q~ Tell us what Calypso Network is, how it works, and what kind of value the platform adds to the ever expanding DeFi ecosystem ?

A~ Sure. With Calypso Network, anyone has the ability to launch their own token or presale in minutes without coding. We support Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon with more chains to come soon on demand.

We’re aiming to help scale the DeFi ecosystem by making it easy for existing projects as well as users to launch new tokens and DApps no matter what their technical experience.

By being a scaling solution for existing projects as well as empowering new users to create new projects, we plan to bring a brand new paradigm to the DeFi ecoystem.

Q~ Can you share with us detailed information on the $CLYP tokenomics and it’s usecases ?

A~ Absolutely. First, I’ll go over a few use cases.

$CLYP holders firstly have reduced fees when launching or using any of our services.

Then, as users continue to create tokens and launch presales using our platform, a portion of the fees from these services will be used to buy back and burn $CLYP, raising the effective price floor and thus benefiting all $CLYP holders.

Furthermore, as a governance token $CLYP holders will also be able to vote on decisions such as how portions of the treasury will be utilized, what fees will be charged and more things to come in the future.

In the future, $CLYP holders will also be eligible for airdrops of projects launched using Calypso Network.

In terms of our planned tokenomics on our presale, feel free to check that out on our Medium.

Q~ Give us details on the presale and where we can whitelist for the presale?

A~ Definitely, so right now we’ve been receiving a lot of demand with large commitments already to buy out our entire hard cap even though our primary aim is to onboard more users. For that reason, we’ve released a medium post detailing how our presale is going to go as well as started a whitelist that you can register for at:

Q~ What are your product offerings, do you have any other product offerings that you could help us as project owners?

A~ Right now, you can launch a token with us on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or Polygon with specifications such as limited supply or mintable tokens depending on demand. In addition to that, you’ll also soon be able to launch farms as well.

For launched projects, we can help you get connected with Smart Contract auditors as well as help with setting up DApps for your project including liquidity locking and team token vesting and airdrops.

Q~ Can you give us an update on what the team at Calypso Network has accomplished till date and your future plans for Calypso Network ?

A~ Sure, we have a working product right now that any user can launch tokens on right now with custom specifications simply by messaging us and mentioning “Blockchain Space”.

Farms are coming soon for Polygon as well as DApps, Airdrops, Presales and Algorithmic Stablecoins in the future just to name a few.


Q~ On Calypso network, users can launch tokens on BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon, but do you have plans to include other chains like Polkadot, Solana etc. In the future, so users can have an array of blockchains to launch their tokens on?

A~ Yes, we plan on including a lot of new chains depending on demand. On our list we’re considering: Solana, Kusama, Polkadot, Fantom, Huobi Eco Chain and more.

Q~ Beautiful project…. How does the Calypso network regulate potential scammers from using your platform as a tool to perpetrate their bad intentions?

A~ We use verified code, have whitelisted smart contract auditors, and we also provide the ability for projects to lock their liquidity to prevent rug pulls and also lock team tokens so incentives are aligned correctly.

We’re constantly adding new features to ensure the protection of both our users and extended users of our projects.

Q~ Can you explain to me how possible is to create my own token in minutes on BSC, Ethereum, or Polygon without coding and how safe and reliable is this network?

A~ Yes, just send me a private message @calypsonetworkdev and we’ll take care of you and mention “Blockchain Space”.

Q~ SUCCESS of a project also depends on how large the COMMUNITY is. Do you have plans to spread awareness to both crypto users and non crypto users in the world? Especially non-English speaking countries that may be restricted from accessing your Project?

A~ Yes, we’re interested in expanding our reach to the Chinese community. We are open to Chinese community managers.

Q~ Do you have any YouTube channel or website for this project? From where we can learn something???

A~ Yes, our website is


I’d just like to say that what makes us unique is that we are the only token/project ecosystem that grows with you and allows you to scale effortlessly. As we add new functions to our network, these can be built on top of your project later on.

For example, you might start with an ERC-20 governance token and decide later on that you want farms not just on Ethereum, but also on Polygon or Binance Smart Chain and our platform can take care of all of this for you seamlessly.

We’re the only project that allows you to do this without ever needing to hire a team of developers so that you can benefit from network effects.

It’s really nice having the Calypso Network project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to Calypso Network.

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