Recap of the Cash-Out Finance AMA with Blockchain Space

On Thursday, May 6th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Harold Lee, The CEO and Co-Founder of Cash-Out Finance.

We asked him questions about the development of Cash-Out Finance.


Q~ Give a brief introduction about yourself and your function in the development of Cash Out project?

A~ Hello, everyone! As I said, it is a pleasure for me to be in this AMA with you, thank you for the invitation! My name is Harold Lee and I am 33 years old, I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Cash-Out project. The idea came to my mind when I saw that there was something missing in the crypto world. I saw it and thought that I had to fulfil such need and so, I started putting together a team of experts, in order to turn this idea into reality. That’s basically how Cash-Out finance started.

Q~ Introduce Cash Out project, how the name was coined and its solutions in the blockchain industry?

A~ Cash-Out is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform that will enable cryptocurrency financial products. It’s the founding company that is currently developing the Cash-Out Wallet and the Cash-Out Cards.

To be completely honest with this audience, and in regards of the name, we didn’t think much about it. We just thought about what the platform was going to be able to do and how it was going to make our user’s life’s easier and, this was: withdrawing and being able to use their investments in cryptocurrencies on their day to day lives. That it is why we chose a simple and representative name: cash-out.

We’re on a mission to make the entire user experience and the crypto ecosystem as simple as possible. Hence why, we are building tools so that the user does not have to leave our platform to be able to use its functionalities. This is a key mission to us. Needless to say that we will be launching products to complement all the needs within the cryptocurrency markets.

Q~ Let’s learn about $OUT token, what are the use cases?

A~ The Cash-Out ($OUT) Token is the native cryptocurrency that powers the ecosystem of products and governs the decentralized protocols or the entire Cash-Out project and platform.

That it is why, holding and staking OUT token will bring to our investors great opportunities and rewards! some of the $OUT token benefits are ;

  • First, special fees and discounts: Users may use OUT tokens to pay for transaction fees on the Cash-Out ecosystem of products such as the OUT Wallet and OUT Card. If OUT token is used, then the user will be benefited with a discount on such fees.
  • Other benefit is on Governance and Staking: OUT token holders will have the ability to create proposals and vote for protocol changes on the OUT Network. OUT can be bonded within the network to secure the protocol and receive staking rewards.
  • Also, a major advantage is on transactions and payments: OUT users can use OUT to pay at over 60 million merchants worldwide and transfer their founds within the Ethereum & Binance blockchains. The payment functionality will be done through the Debit Cards, of course.

I don’t want to be long and bore this community, so I encourage you all to visit our webpage

for further information on this matter!

Cassiterite : Is this payment opportunity available in major countries?

Harold Lee : Yes, we are planning to make it as bigger as we can. As you may know, our first target are Emerging Markets. But, that doesn’t mean that we won’t reach other countries as well!

Q~ Explain the features of OUT Wallet and what other upcoming products does Cash Out project have at hand?

A~ The OUT Wallet Is a multi-asset digital wallet application that enables users to buy, sell, exchange, pay and other functionalities with cryptocurrencies. Basically, the users will be able to use their holdings of cryptocurrencies and other fiat currencies as they see fit, spending them, transferring them to other people, etc.

As mentioned, Cash-Out’s target is Emerging Markets. We noticed that big projects in the crypto world are only focusing in developed countries, Cash-Out wants to make the crypto world more equalitarian and also democratize it. How many of you guys are living in an undeveloped country and are looking to use your investments in crypto with a Debit Card but can’t as there is no platform developed yet? I bet there are a lot here with us today!

That’s why, OUT products are targeted to emerging markets countries. OUT products will be on the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Desktop & Web Wallets will be developed after mobile.

Do you live in a developed country? Don’t worry, of course, we will be also launching in your country too! We are just focused on Emerging Markets.

In addition to the wallet, Cash-Out will launch the Debit Cards program. The Debit cards will be linked to the user’s electronic wallet in OUT and will bring them huge benefits and discounts, depending on which card they hold.

Q~ Can we get a full detail about Cash Out public sale and how users can participate in the project?

A~ Well, that’s a great question! we know the community is eager to be part of the Early Birds of our project! Despite we haven’t announced the Presale yet, I will disclose some details with you guys!

Cash-Out public presale will take place next Saturday, May 8 at 13.00 UTC (1 PM). It will be through a fully decentralized platform owned by a third party (DxSale) and it will be set to only last 2 hours.

That’s why, we are encouraging people to be alert and ready at 13.00 UTC this Saturday.

Immediately after filling the hardcap or when the time is up, we will be listing our Token in PancakeSwap. This will be done at 15.00 (3PM) UTC of the same day. The time is fixed in order to is to get a fair launch for all our investors!

All the people who want to be part of the Presale and collaborate, please join our Telegram Group (@CashOutTG) as the details and the link of the public sale will be published there, closer to the date.

It is really important that our investors know and are aware that the liquidity raised through the Presale will be locked until 2099 (that’s forever!), so as to avoid surprises during the life of the token and, also, that they will be benefited of getting the token at a great discount if they are Early Birds in the Presale.


Q~ Investors are scared of investing in any project nowadays, due to the RUGPULL AND SCAM RATE, what plans do you have against all this. Is CASH OUT protected from hacking and all sought of market problems, is there a AUDIT PLAN ?

A~ I choose this question first because I find really interesting and veridic what the user is saying in it.

Nowadays we are, unfortunately, seeing lots of rugpulls and scam projects. However, I need you all to rest assured that Cash-Out it NOT the case.

Why? Well, because as I said, liquidity will be locked until 2099 in the presale platform. So nobody, not even our dev team that owns the smart contract, will be able to touch that funds. This makes that the token will be tradable and exchangeable at least, until 2099.

But that’s not only it, the other Tokens that are not used for presale are also locked. So no one will be dumping the price once is listed.

Furthermore, we are already negotiating with CERTIK to have our smart contract audited on the third quarter of this year.

That’s regarding the token itself. But you should also be aware that this token is just one small piece of the whole Cash-Out project. It is not the end and goal of the project, it is just a way to make the project possible. Hence why, the token will be backed and supported by the OUT platform (wallet + cards) that is already being developed!

Q~ With reference to the early bird contribution opportunity, I would like to know if the original Cash-Out contract address has been released and will the public sales tokens be bought only on DXsales app?

A~ This is also very important!

The OUT token is already public and can be checked and verified by EVERY user. The token has been already verified by BSC Scan.

The link to check it yourselves is here: 0x896BAED8A4863FDC10FF67d76c4915d97Bd8798A

Well, that’s the contract. But this is the link:

Regarding Public Sales token: Yes, the public sale will be hosted on DxSales App. This is a highly recognized and reputable platform. That’s why, after deep research and KYC, we chose it.

Q~ About the $OUT pre-sale, I observed that the tokens will be released to the public through the pre-sale from 80.40%. Can you tell me where the remaining percentage will be distributed? And I also want to know where will this event be held?

A~ This is also a fundamental question as is on OUT’s Tokeonomics which I believe we didn’t talk about today

As Sofia correctly states, roughly 80% of OUT’s total supply will be allocated to the Public Sale

The remaining tokens, will be distributed as follows:

For the Team, and in order to reward them for their collaboration, we allocated 7% of OUT’s total supply. However, this tokens are LOCKED and will be released 6 months after the listing date.

For the Founders and Advisors, these are the people that are making this project possible and successful alongside with the team, and I take this opportunity to thank them for that! We are allocating a bit more than 4.5% of the total supply.

However, these tokens are ALSO LOCKED and will be released 10 months after listing.

However, these tokens are ALSO LOCKED and will be released 10 months after listing.

We are allocating more than 5% to Ecosystem Reserves. This is in order to reward our Holders and Stakers whith benefits. In line with the roadmap, these tokens are LOCKED and will be released 12 months after listing.

Lastly, we are giving away roughly 3% of our total supply to the people that are helping our community grow and comply with all Airdrop requirements. In order to protect our investors, Airdrop Tokens will be distributed more than 2 weeks after listing on May the 22nd.

As said, the presale will be hosted on Saturday 8th May at 13.00 UTC

Q~ Could you tell me what would be the main advantages of investing in $OUT? why users should invest in it and what is its importance compared to others? What is its potential?

A~ We are true believers that the Team’s hard and experienced work will pay off and we’ll reach targets we are only dreaming of in a really short term.

Our idea and project is unique and new. There are NO projects with the same core and we are confident that that will take us far away.

Our Dev team is working 24/7 to have the platform up and running ASAP. This, will definitely bring a huge success for our OUT Token. As said, this token is backed with a great platform behind. That will reflect in the Token’s price.

We are confident that the market will recognize our project and pump the price of the Token accordingly. It is easy, there is a limited supply of what is a great Token. People want it!

This is in regards of the token price itself, but then it will also bring to the holders and stakers tons of benefits and discounts, as already discussed.

Q~ After reading about your project I could see that Cash-Out is based on Binance Smart Chain, why did you decide to build it on this blockchain and not another like Ethereum?

A~ That’s also a great question. But the answer is really easy and simple. We chose Smart Chain due to low fees.

As said, we are planning to make crypto world more equalitarian and democratize it. That’s why we didn’t want our users to pay, lets say, for a transaction fee of $30 in order to be able to be part of OUT project. $30 would probably be the ETH fee.

Are we planning on building bridges to other networks? Yes we are! But we wanted to make sure everyone could access to our token in a cheap way before doing that!


Hope you liked my answers and the project, and if you have any other question or need more information, please do not hesitate on contacting me or any other team member. You can also refer your questions to our email at

Every piece of information can be found in our


Otherwise, you can check our



or Twitter: @Cash___Out

It’s really nice having the Cash-Out Finance project in here!!!

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