Recap of the Demole AMA with Blockchain Space

On Saturday, October 16th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Rae Lim, The CMO of Demole.

We asked her questions about the development of Demole.


Q~ Could you introduce yourself and the team background to our community firstly ?

A~ Sure, I am Rae Lim - CMO of Demole.

I have experience as a digital asset advisor, marketing manager, and investor relations manager in Singapore. In addition, I have managed various corporate social responsibility projects in British multinationals.

I have joined Demole at a very early stage as a CMO.

And my team;

Denis Znamenskiy is CEO of As a SPAC professional, Denis has participated as a speaker at international blockchain events.

Emilian Gomoi is CTO at Besides being a software Developer and Project Manager for over 40 years, he also was licensed as Foreign Expert by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of China.

Catalin Anton is COO of Catalin has increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, staff & financial performance for several organizations including multi-national & national organizations.

Q~ Your team seems very experienced. Can you share more info about the team’s structure ?

A~ Demole has 4 separate teams that take on different functions as follows:

Game artists and developers

A team with 10 years of experience in game development and design, working outsource for leading game companies in Vietnam and China. Our key members came from Gameloft.

Blockchain developers

A team of seasoned blockchain developers has outsourced international projects. We experimented with developing the complete blockchain specialized for social media and an NFT game in 2019.

Financial team

The survival of any “Play to earn” game depends greatly on the sustainability of the cash flow, token flow, and NFT’s inflation model. The financial team consists of an experienced group of members who have worked as financial advisors and business consultants for big firms in traditional and crypto markets.

Marketing team

A strong marketing team with a worldwide network of partners, with a deep understanding of KOLs system, has accompanied many successful projects.

Q~ Could you explain a little about Demole? We would like to know more about it and how it works ?

A~ With a Diverse PvP and PvE play-to-earn system. With multiple earning and gameplay mechanics.

Demole is the attractive choice for:

  • Gamers who want to immerse themselves in a real game built on a high standard with

3D design: You can enjoy some of our 3D characters on our website

Rich storyline

Diverse content & features

Available on both PC and mobile.

  • Crypto investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio, entertaining while earning. Some amazing things we will bring to crypto investors:

Easy to join with low entry barrier - While in other NFT games, you have to spend thousands of dollars just to start, you can start enjoying Demole with $50.

Available on both PC and Mobile - You can play and earn everywhere, everytime easily.

  • Revenue redistribution mechanism - while a major part of the tokens will be burnt, other parts will be redistributed to the farmers and gamers.

Q~ What are the advantages of Demole compared to most projects currently on the market ?

A~ The strengths of an NFT game can be seen more easily when we put ourselves next to other NFT games available on the market today.

You can see we have certain advantages when compared with other projects.

Let me go deeper into 3 Unique Selling Points of Demole:

1. is Revenue redistribution mechanism - We divide in-game spending into these parts:

  • Burning – This will benefit the investors.
  • Part will go to the team as fund for developing the future features.
  • In-game rewards - The more people spend, the bigger reward for every gamer.

2. Financial model - Many NFT games have dead ends because their financial models were more suitable for traditional games than for NFT games – where token values and in-game asset inflation rate are crucial. We have brought in professional financial teams who will build the model and observe the ecosystem on the daily basis.

3. Fully 3D gameplay – This is the best point of Demole. 😊

Q~ Could you tell community about tokenomics, tokenutility and TGE ?

A~ We have discussed for weeks on this one, to find the best token metrics that will benefit all stakeholders in the long run.

And we have decided to go with Flat metrics, in which the prices of all rounds are the same.

We believe that the success of an NFT game lies on the end-user base, so letting them buy tokens at the fair price (compared to seed and private investors) is essential.

For the token utility

When more features are released in the future, the more utilities the token will have. By doing so, we can guarantee the high demand for the tokens.

Meanwhile, the revenue redistribution mechanism will ensure the token supply.

The TGE and the launch will be very soon after that. Do not forget to check our social channels for the latest news.


Q~ Can your project be used to add friends in the game?

A~ Sure. PvP is when you are no longer alone. Ask your friends to join.

Q~ One of the reason why NFT game is so hot recently is its earning mechanism. I see Demole is really potential, so could you please tell us how we can earn from Demole?

A~ Earning mechanisms are the backbone of any NFT game. In Demole players can earn by the following mechanisms:

  • By participating in in-game activities Campaign, World Boss, Arena, Daily quests, players will receive eggs, hammers, and tokens, which can be used or freely traded/sold with other players on the marketplace.
  • Players/Investors can also go to the Training Ground, a staking pool where they put their monsters and tokens to level up the monsters while receiving more tokens passive.

Q~ A very good partnership is needed to strengthen a project. Do you have any other project partnerships with your project? Are you planning to partner to make your project stronger?

A~ Sure;

SEED SHO Details –

Demole is a vast and remarkable world with thousands of monsters by the five elements: wood, water, fire, earth, and metal. Powered by blockchain technology, each monster and item you own is unique, designed with excellent 3D graphics, and can be traded in the marketplace.

Merit Round Details:

More details will be announced soon!

Learn More:

New Partnership Announcement – Demole x Good Games Guild

In today’s update, we are honored to announce our strategic partner, Good Games Guild.

Good Games Guild is a decentralized organization that specializes in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are often used for blockchain games and virtual products.

They believe the future of gaming will be on this new frontier, so they carry out their mission to become an integral part of society via these digital worlds we call “virtual.” Therefore, their three main features are: apply to earn, rent to earn, and stake to earn, aiming for a scenario where anyone can make money from gaming.

Learn more about Good Game Guild:

New Partnership Announcement – Demole x Momentum 6

We are more than honored to introduce our partner today – Momentum 6 – a company that has contributed to the name of many successful projects such as Upbit, Kylin, and more.

Momentum 6 is a venture capital and marketing firm that not only invests in the future but also builds it. M6 offers an all-inclusive approach for entrepreneurs to build innovative products and immersive experiences, especially with blockchain-based technologies.

M6 provides support from idea conception to product release; on top of that, they even develop customized branding strategies in today’s world competitive market.

In collaboration with Momentum 6, Demole promises to fascinate a lot of gamers as well as crypto investors in the launch later this year.

Learn more about them:



Strategic Partnership Announcement. – Demole x Labs

We are honored to announce that Demole has already established a tight collaboration with Labs Labs is operated by Gate Technology. It is dedicated to researching and investing in potential crypto projects. Nowadays, NFTs are revolutionizing the way gamers think about online gaming and in-game asset purchases, and Demole is so excited to be the one of the pioneers of this market. The close relationship between us will bring the incredible monetary playground to everyone.

Our NFT game will launch in Q4 2021.

🔥Stay tuned for IDO and game release!

New Partnership Announcement – Demole x Venture Capitals

We are so proud to announce Private Partners on board given the following Venture capitals: X21, AC capital, Magnus, Raptor, Consensus labs, Basic capital.

With a Diverse PvP and PvE play to earn mode, Demole is the first playable 3D RPG in the crypto/NFT ecosystem. Demole offers multiple earning opportunities and diverse gameplay mechanics synthesized to create an immersive world for Gamers to explore, be entertained and to earn. For investors the Demole represents the next iteration of play to earn, creating value with its unique gaming properties.

Our NFT game will launch in Q4 2021.

🔥Stay tuned for IDO and game release!

Q~ How important is the community to you? Do you consider community feedback/requests when you are taking up a new plan for your project?

A~ We strongly believe that community contributes the most to the success of any project, especially NFT game project. While we have team of experts, we take into consideration all members’ idea, feedback, and experience, including but not limited to gameplay, art & design, and other aspects…

Regional Groups

🇻🇳 Vietnam:

🇰🇷 Korea:

🇨🇳 China:

🇯🇵 Japan:

🇪🇸 Spanish: Spanish

Q~ Many NFT games today set high costs to start the game and therefore start with a small player base. Does Demole have an entrance fee or starting conditions, and if so, what are they? Do I need to hold an NFT or hold a certain amount of tokens in order to enjoy and play the demole?

A~ Entry barrier is what limits the number of players in many other NFT games. While players have to spend thousands of dollars just to start other games, they can start enjoying Demole with only $50. 😊


I am very sorry that I will only choose 5. If any of you want to share your questions in our community please join and we will reply to them if it’s not answered on this AMA.

I had a great time with Blockchain Space. Thank you all for having me!

It’s really nice having the Demole project in here!!!

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