Recap of the DxLaunch AMA with Blockchain Space

On Thursday, April 21st, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Max Fire, The Head of Business Development at DxLaunch.

We asked him questions about the development of DxLaunch.


Q~ Thanks for joining us today Max, could you introduce yourself and the team behind DxLaunch to our community firstly ?

A~ I’m Max, head of business development at DxLaunch.

Most of our team members have worked on other DeFi projects. Two of our devs still work on another really successful project on the BSC network.

We also have a graphic designer, financial engineer, 4 people on business development, 2 on marketing, and 2 on communications.

Q~ Tell us about DxLaunch as a project and it’s contributions to the ever expanding DeFi ecosystem ?

A~ DxLaunch is a fully decentralized launchpad.

We believe in decentralization in all the steps of the life of a project, including incubation and launch, but at the same time, we acknowledge the necessity for security and confidence to investors.

DxLaunch provides a reliable platform for developers and teams to pitch their projects and communicate directly to investors on a secure and governed platform for investors to discover the next successful DeFi project.

Q~ Can you give us a rundown on the $DXL tokenomics and its use cases ?

A~ Great question, I’ll try not to be too long and bore the community haha.

I’ll first share some of the main usecases of the $DXL token;

  1. $DXL holders will be able to vote and decide the path of the project through governance.
  2. In order to start a poll, it is necessary to pay a certain amount of $DXL. In the event that the poll does not result in a majority of votes or does not reach the quorum, they will be burned.
  3. To participate in a presale it is necessary to have $DXL in one of the pools that the platform offers.
  4. You will be able to stake $DXL to earn tokens from other previously launched projects.

This is key to getting holders to keep their $DXL tokens in their portfolio and continue earning. Otherwise they would sell and have a negative impact on the price.

And regarding tokenomics:

Initial and Max Supply: 3,830,500DXL

(14.7%) Locked Liquidity: 562,500DXL

(11.4%) Community Sale:

- 1st round: 119,048DXL

- 2nd round: 145,349DXL

- 3rd round: 170,455DXL

(21.8%) Pre-sale: 833,333DXL

(25.8%) Marketing:

- 1st: 400,000DXL with a vesting period of 1 month

- 2nd: 350,000DXL with a vesting period of 2 months

- 3rd: 240,000DXL with a vesting period of 4 months

(11.8%) Partners: $450,000DXL

(9.1%) Pool Rewards: 350,000DXL

(3.1%) Team & Devs: 120,000DXL

(2.3%) General Reserve: 89,815DXL

This is how the tokens will be distributed.

And no more tokens will be minted after presale… you know what that means 📈

Q~ What difference does your product bring compared to many big players out there ?

A~ DxLaunch is not like any other launchpad. In order to carry out a presale at DxLaunch, each project must comply with several security measures that are carried out automatically by our smart contracts.

But also very important, the $DXL holders have the decision of whether or not to accept a project to make its presale on DxLaunch. If the vote is positive, only then will the project be allowed to select a date for the presale.

And last but not least, we have the biggest and most valuable partners’ ecosystem in all DeFi.

Audit partners such as RugDoc, HashEx, Paladin.

DeFi Partners such as Multichain, MDEX, BabySwap, Biswap, Pacoca, and more.

Media partners such as DappRadar,, BscNews, and more.

There are also multiple youtubers, DeFi influencers, DeFi communities.

Every project that launch on DxLaunch will have access to this amazing partners’ network, increasing visibility and nurturing their protocol.

Q~ Can you share a bit about your upcoming plans and goals for DxLaunch ?

A~ Of course!

We have an ambitious roadmap ahead, full of challenging milestones.

And here is an image of the roadmap.

An important comment:

The two networks to which DxLaunch will expand are Fantom and Avalanche. The $DXL holders will vote on which one will go first.

The cross-chain expansions will not have presale and the Max Supply will not be increased.

Xiaolin: Exciting, the best is yet to come 🔥

Max Fire : Yeah, this is just starting. And the best thing is that early members get the best part.

Q~ What security measures do you have at DxLaunch to ensure safety for your users ?

A~ There are multiple ways we ensure security on our protocol.

First of all, DxLaunch is fully audited. All the smart contracts of our protocol are audited, and all the issues founded were successfully solved.

On the presales we host on our launchpad we have several ways of increasing security levels.

Governance: Each project must be subjected to a vote from the holders in order to be accepted at DxLaunch.

Audit & KYC: We have several auditing companies which will be helping us with this matter such as Certik, Hashex, Rugdoc, Paladin, etc.

Locked Liquidity: 100% of the liquidity will be automatically added by our smart contracts in one of our DEX partners according to what the project has chosen and locked for 6 months.

Project funds vested: The rest of the funds available for the project will have a vesting period by our smart contracts.

Security Fund: 1.5% of each presale will always go to the security fund. This fund will be used as a backup to compensate investors in case a project decides to act in a bad intentioned way.


Q~ Can you tell us about your team members, are they qualified and professional in their fields. What are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project?

A~ The team is one of the most important things of every project.

With a good team, all the rest is ensured. And we have one of the best teams in all DeFi for sure.

Our lead dev is one of the most talented and advanced solidity devs out there.

I myself have direct contact with almost every big player in the DeFi ecosystem.

For example, just to show the power of our team.

That’s Multichain, the biggest bridge in DeFi. Used by projects such as Beefy. Supported by Binance itself.

And we got a partnership even before starting our community sale.

That’s because we have direct contact and confidence with the team running Multichain.

Q~ What precautions have you taken regarding the privacy of investors? Will users remain completely private and anonymous or is there a backdoor? Who can or cannot see our funds, including the team?

A~ DxLaunch works with the nature of every other DeFi Project based on blockchain technology.

Having a MetaMask wallet doesn’t involve any kind of KYC, and your investments are completely private.

The only thing that can be publicly seen by both the team, the community, and basically everyone with internet access, is the wallet address.

But that wallet address is not connected to anyone in particular, so privacy is still intact.

Q~ You have described DxLaunch as being a community consensus protocol with a complete decentralized ecosystem. Why do you think you are the latest innovation and what sets you apart in this regard? What new innovations will you use for any development team to create your release and also allow anyone to invest safely and anonymously?

A~ There are multiple features and innovations that set us apart.

Some of them will be revealed in tomorrow’s Medium article and this weekend when the website becomes live.

An Autobuy button for example, to avoid the need to be online when the presale starts.

Regarding safety, RugDoc will do a quick audit of every selected project for free as part of our partnership. Also every project will have fast-track and special discounts with HashEx, RugDoc (for full audit), Paladin, Certik, and more.

Q~ Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investors to your platform and keep them long term?

A~ We have the best media partners on our ecosystem, that will be used for both our Community Sale and to support every project that launch on our platform.

DappRadar, Bsc News,, CoinGecko, and many more.

Q~ Where i can get all the latest news. Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community, If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups?

A~ Website -

Twitter -

Telegram -

Discord -

Medium -


Our Community Sale will start on April 26th, next week. There will be great discounts and the earlier you join, the bigger the discount.

So come and join us. Follow us and DYOR, so you really get to know us before joining the Community Sale.

It’s really nice having the DxLaunch project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to DxLaunch.

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