Recap of the Engines of Fury AMA with Blockchain Space

Q~ Thanks for joining us today, could you introduce yourself and the team background to our community firstly ?

Q~ Could you briefly introduce Engines of Fury to us and the story behind its creation ?

Q~ Can you give us a rundown on the $FURY tokenomics and it’s usecases ?

Here are the tokenomics!

Q~ Can you share a bit about your upcoming plans and goals for Engines of Fury ?

Q~ According to your roadmap, The IDO is scheduled for Q1 2022. Can you give some details about your upcoming IDO event ?

Q~ 1. Telegram Group✔️

2. YouTube channel ✔️

3. Medium✔️

4. Website✔️

5. Twitter✔️

6. Discord✔️

Can share with us the link for all these?

Q~ How efficient and secure is your smart contract. Have you ever been audited through external parties, so we are sure that Engine of fury project is secure and good for future of investors?

Q~ Can You list 1–3 Killer Features Of This Project That Makes it Ahead Of its Competitors? What Is The Competitive Advantage Your. Project That You Feel Most Confident About?

Q~ Please can you explain what MMORPG stands for as used on your website?

Q~ One of the factors Engine of Fury has are the RNGs, can you give us more details about what this is? is it some kind of rewards by winning battles?



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