Recap of the Entropy AMA with Blockchain Space

  • Entropy is the first platform which aggregates perpetual contracts, decentralized margin trading, derivative products, in comparison with other exchange with unitary trading option, Entropy features a wider application scenario.
  • Entropy DEX is an open source, transparent. The decentralized underlying protocol brings infinite possibilities for Entropy’s future application. Entropy is compatible with other application scenario on Solana chain.
  • Entropy’s native code is independently developed by advanced crypto engineers. Which features an extreme technical entry barriers for others, from the aspect of security and controllability.
  • Entropy takes the weighted index from Serum, Huobi and Binance to ensure fair and transparent pricing on Entropy’s future trading.
  • Smooth operation, coupled with convenient grid trading components which makes Entropy’s UI experience even better than CEX.
  • The transaction fee is close to zero. Entropy innovates and integrates the Optimistic Rollup model of V2 and Layer2, which greatly improves the scalability of the system and reduces the gas fee during the interactive trading of options, at the same time Entropy builds the necessary infrastructure reserve for the high-frequency trading required by next outbreak of the options market.
  • Entropy adopts the industry-leading AMM algorithm, which greatly improves the liquidity and the utilization rate of funds.
  • Entropy adopts a perfect dynamic interest rate model, which flexibly improves the capital efficiency of risk management funds.
  • Thanks to the million-level throughput capacity of Solana, the underlying architecture enable Entropy to feature high scalability, strong robustness, easy operation and maintenance upgrade, etc., which also greatly saves the cost of ecological expansion and provides strong support for the ecological extension of Entropy in future..



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