Recap of the Gamerse AMA with Blockchain Space

On Friday, May 13th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Khaled Jama, The Founder/CEO of Gamerse.

We asked him questions about the development of Gamerse.


Q~ Can you give a brief introduction of yourself to our community ?

A~ Sure, I am Khaled Jama, Founder/CEO of Gamerse. I am a lifelong entrepreneur with enthusiasm for tech and specifically web3/NFT/Blockchain Gaming. I am a proud builder and dedicate myself as a creator in the space. I have a vision to build an ecosystem for NFT Gaming that will cross-over to the mainstream audience.

It’s a pleasure to be here with the Blockchain space community today 🙂

Q~ Can you briefly introduce Gamerse and what inspired the idea ?

A~ Gamerse is the first-ever NFT gaming and metaverse social media platform that provides a single unifying hub to connect NFT games with gamers. NFT gaming enthusiasts will enjoy an immersive social ecosystem they can call home to form communities, trade NFTs and explore the rapidly growing blockchain gaming space. We have summed this up in our 3 word slogan, Social, Trade and Play!

What actually inspired the idea was observing the rapid boom and growth of the blockchain gaming industry and the resulting fragmentation in the space. An oversaturation in the number of Gamefi projects launching on different blockchains makes it hard to stay up to date and discover NFT assets and results in gaming communities being scattered across different platforms. There is no ecosystem centred around NFT gaming and this makes it very overwhelming for gamers and investors. Gamerse is building the new home of NFT gaming through our multichain and cross-platform solution. We hope this will unify the space and bring NFT gaming to the mainstream.

The first step in this mission is our NFT Social Aggregator Marketplace (NFT SAM) which launched yesterday! Check out our explainer video to learn more and headover to to SOCIAL, TRADE and PLAY 👾🕹🚀

Q~ As you mentioned, Gamerse has launched its highly anticipated NFT Social Aggregator Marketplace! Can you tell us about the key features that differentiate it from other NFT marketplaces like Opensea ?

A~ Yes, absolutely! Our NFT Social Aggregator Marketplace or SAM for short is the first feature of the Gamerse platform and as you mentioned, launched yesterday. SAM is a cross-chain, cross-platform social hub that curates, displays and facilitates all gaming NFTs and their transactions to provide a true one-stop-shop for play-to-earn gamers.

What differentiates us from other marketplaces? Firstly we are the first truly focused on gaming to provide an immersive platform for gamers and traders to easily explore the fragmented play-to-earn space. Our marketplace aggregates all listed gaming NFTs that you can easily filter by the chain, games, gamers, marketplaces, categories and more. SAM will also allow you to explore exclusive NFT drops and INOs in collaboration with a plethora of Gamerse’s partners and influencers and participate in ongoing auctions easily discoverable through our “Calendar View”.

A second major differentiator is in the name and its social aspects. SAM will integrate a diverse range of gaming titles, each of which will enjoy its own verified game page that will act as a social profile on the platform. All NFTs listed on the game’s marketplace will be displayed on these profile pages which users can visit to purchase, engage in social interactions and rate the NFT assets. Ratings then play into our leaderboards, where the NFTs that the community vote on will be tracked in a leaderboard and our gaming partners will be able to rank not just by the followers, but also by the reviews and feedback of how popular they are on the platform. You will also be able to launch and play the game directly from their social profile in what we like to call the Steam solution. Users will also be able to mint directly on the platform and display their creations on their own profile along with their NFT collections and those for sale. Users can follow each other, comment on the displayed NFTs, share content and directly message to trade. This creates an interactive and immersive environment for gamers while encouraging trading on the platform.

As I mentioned, NFT SAM is now live so headover to and join the home of NFT gaming!

Create, collect, trade, socialise and play! 🚀

Xiaolin : Great features, gives you a better edge ahead of your competitors, which in turn will attract more users 👍

Khaled Jama : Yes for sure and it's all about UI/UX which we are already working on our new release which is almost ready behind the scenes. I would like to give a special shoutout to our UI/UX Designer Deiv!

Team work is dream work and we have a amazing tech team 😎

Q~ Tell us more about Gamerse’s $LFG token and its utilities ?


🔹Platform discounts - 50% discount on platform fees when LFG is used as base currency
🔹Staking & Rewards - We are offering high APY staking/LP pools to our community and platform rewards
🔹NFT Promotion ads - Promote your NFTs and profile using LFG tokens to receive more impressions
🔹Social utility for users to engage in social features on the platform. Users must hold a nominal amount of $LFG
🔹Governance - LFG is the dedicated governance token for the GAMΞRSΞ social DAO
🔹Transaction fee burn - 50% of transaction fees paid in LFG will be burnt, increasing token scarcity over time
🔹Escrow (swaps) - Trade/swap with other users utilizing LFG tokens
🔹Social Token - To empower creators and boost engagement in our LFGs, community pages, and DAOs, LFG tokens will follow a share-to-earn model

Xiaolin : LFG’s value would keep going 🚀 with this great number of utilities, hope to see more amazing additions.

Khaled Jama : For sure! We also have our Polygon SAS pool coming out real soon with our Avatar claim portal so stay tuned for that everyone! 🚀


Q~ What are the most important and immediate goals for Gamerse in 2022? If you had a list of the top three key performance metrics, what would they be ?

A~ Firstly we can tell you guys we have really been taking advantage of the downs in the market to build and innovate and we have an exciting year ahead!

First and foremost, the primary focus of our project at the moment is launching our NFT SAM and growing the ecosystem. Users and partners can look forward to regular updates on a biweekly-monthly basis to this platform, including cross-chain capabilities, enhanced social features, Polygon and Solana token bridge, Fiat on-ramp for LFG Token and the integration of a lot of cool new features. We will also be growing our ecosystem through the addition of some really exciting Gamefi and metaverse projects. In line with this, our community can look forward to some really big things in the marketing front and press tours in the hottest crypto hubs. This will be led by our newly appointed Chief Growth Officer Asif Vayani. In terms of top three performance metrics; firstly we are a social platform so growing an engaged community is crucial, secondly would be growing an active user base on SAM and finally is trading volume on NFT SAM.

SAM is just the marketplace feature of a larger ecosystem in Gamerse and looking further ahead, we will be launching our full Social platform powered by our pioneering Share-to-Earn mechanism late Q2-Q3. We recently had our first CEX listing on MEXC and we are in talks for further CEX listings later in Q2. Another highlight and a milestone our community is very hyped about is the launch of our decentralised launchpad GamerPad in Q3. We have a really bullish roadmap for sure! Head over to to learn more!

Q~ What kind of partnerships can we expect from Gamerse with different platforms or projects in the future? How can other platforms and projects benefit from Gamerse ?

A~ With our NFT SAM officially live , we are really focused on making the right partnerships with some of the most exciting projects in the Gamefi space. What do our Gamefi partners stand to gain? We are creating an easily accessible social ecosystem centred around NFT gaming in order to solve the fragmentation problem. NFT gamers from all around the world will be using Gamerse as a one-stop-shop to trade, socialise and launch games directly from our platform. This will connect our gaming partners with a growing user base that would be interested in playing their game and trading their NFTs.

We are also collaborating with our partners on exclusive INOs and Featured Drops. These will be advertised across our platform and promoted heavily in all our socials and communities. Tell your favourite gaming project to join Gamerse’s ecosystem!

Please find our current partners below:
- Chainlink
- Polygon
- Enjin
- Fabwelt
- Moonstarter
- Good Games Guild
- Spherium Finance
- Battle of Planets
- Operon Origins
- Polker
- SolChicksNFT
- FaraStarter
- Multipad
- Roundtable DAO
- Hololoot
- GameStar Exchange
- Attack Wagon
- Unix Gaming
- Cryptopolis
- Playermon
- Zomfi
- The Crypto Prophecies
- Kitsumon
- Scotty Beam
- TribeOne DeFi
- The New Resistance
- Netvrk
- Doragon Land
- Creator
- Bitspawn
- Jigen
- Nest Arcade
- Binamon
- Duckie Land
- e-Money
- GovWorld
- OneRare
- Koakuma
- Metawars
- Polychain Monsters
- Crowdcreate
- Bit Hotel
- Bloktopia
- The Three Kingdoms
- Taunt Battleworld
- Arcader
- AcknoLedger
- Metaxy
- Duelist King
- Bot Planet
- IMPs Kingdom
- ArcadeNetwork

And many more on the way!! Stay tuned! 🚀🚀🚀


Q~ Do you have your own marketplace. And what can users trade there ?

A~ Yes - and it's live on


Q~ Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community. Are we allowed in decision making, do you put community into consideration ?

A~ We have our SOCIAL DAO whereby the community can add comments on our DAO vote and once the comment has X amount of likes, it will go for a ballot.

You can also go to "Vote" on our

Q~ Security and anonymity are always prioritized by blockchain projects in the development of project platforms and technologies. So, do you have any technological solutions or plans to enhance user trust in these issues ?

A~ We have a Certik audit -

Q~ Do you have any Bug Bounty to check for weakness. In what way do you plan to make your project more complete ?

A~ Yes, we are launching a Bug-and-Earn, stay tuned on our social media!


I was happy to be here!

For potential gaming partners:

GAMΞRSΞ is the first ever NFT gaming and metaverse social media platform providing a single unifying hub for the fragmented NFT gaming industry. We’re offering a free partnership opportunity to connect *NAME OF PARTNER* with the wider NFT gaming community!

NFT Social Aggregator Marketplace (SAM)
Our NFT SAM is an intuitive community driven platform providing a one-stop-shop for everything an NFT gamer needs — Social, Trade and Play.

Join our NFT SAM:
✅ Set up your social Verified Gaming Page (VGP)
Display your NFT assets on your social page
✅ Gamers will be able to launch your game directly from your VGP
Promote your NFT drops
✅ Collaborate on INOs
✅ Integrate into our cross-chain ecosystem
Social-fi your NFTs
✅ Get discovered by a large gaming community!

Integrate into the first social ecosystem centred around NFT gaming and join a growing list of gaming partners including:

✔️ Operon Origins
✔️ Binamon
✔️ Farastarter
✔️ Bit Hotel
✔️ Doragon Land
✔️ Polychain Monsters
✔️ Cryptopolis
✔️ Cryptoprophecies
✔️ SolChicks
✔️ Metaxy
and many more!

Website | Whitepaper | Explainer video | Telegram 40K | Twitter 90K | Announcements 18K | Medium 20 K | Discord 18K | Partner Deck | Pitch Deck | Linktree

It’s really nice having the Gamerse project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to Gamerse.

Join us now! Enjoy quality articles, daily curated news, insightful infographics, and enter a vibrant, fun, and knowledgeable community!

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