Recap of the Geojam AMA with Blockchain Space

On Thursday, November 4th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Sarah Figueroa, The CEO and Co-Founder at Geojam, and

Sam Krichevsky, The COO and Co-Founder at Geojam.

We asked them questions about the development of Geojam.


Q~ Thanks for joining us today. Please start off by introducing yourself to the Blockchain Space community and your role in the team ?


Sarah Figueroa : Hi I am Sarah, CEO and co-founder at Geojam!

Sam Krichevsky : Hi i’m Sam, COO and Co-Founder at Geojam.

Q~ Tell us about Geojam in detail, and what are the real-world problems Geojam aims to proffer solution to ?

A~ Launched in 2020, Geojam is a social engagement platform that has already generated meaningful, passion-fueled fan engagement with celebrities and backers such as Mariah Carey, Machine Gun Kelly, and Nyjah Huston. In one year, Geojam has garnered tens of thousands of users across iOS devices and has served as a bridge for fans to engage directly with artists, athletes, and influencers in the world of music. With our native token, $JAM, our vision is to build the creator economy of the future that redirects the flow of incentives back into the hands of the creators and users themselves.

We are experiencing a massive shift in the exchange of value between content creators and the platforms that profit from them. Geojam solves this problem through $JAM, our cryptocurrency, which unlocks incentives to all stakeholders involved in the creator economy.

Q~ Can you share with us detailed information on $JAM tokenomics. and it’s usecases ?


Geojam has already developed a unique economic cycle that will be accelerated with $JAM and a token economy. Currently, on the platform, there are two ways in which experiences and additional offerings can be redeemed through jam shop transactions and campaign competitions. We will also be introducing two types of pools on Geojam, Proposal pools and Creator Access Pools (CAPs).

Let’s talk more about staking pools;

Proposal Pools!

Proposal Pools are a form of Platform Governance.

Creator Access Pools are really unique to Geojam.

Think of every creator on Geojam having thier own DAO!

Q~ Who are your partners currently and how do they aim to promote the advancement of Geojam project, do you have more upcoming partners in the future ?

A~ Over the last year of being in the App Store, we have built a name for ourselves in the music industry because of the talent we have been able to partner with. We have partnerships with big name-record labels, management companies, and influencers. We have 100+ artists/influencers already signed up for the platform. We have partnered with 50 Fraternities around the United States, and are currently on a Geojam College Tour, which is driving thousands of downloads and awareness to the platform.

Additionally, we have a partnership with Constellation Network, who is incubating us. We are lucky enough to work directly with the founders. Geojam is merging its existing point system onto Constellation Network’s decentralized Hypergraph Network to create a financially feasible 360º degree token-economic model that bridges the gap between creators, brands, and fans through DeFi staking mechanisms. Existing cryptocurrency token standards and decentralized layer 1 protocols (i.e., Ethereum) are slow and have variable high transaction fees (gas fees) to use the network.

This ultimately prevents Geojam from creating a predictable business model that takes our traditional user base into consideration by being too costly with a negative user experience (which ultimately can create user churn). As a result, Geojam will be minting an L_0 token on Constellation Network’s Hypergraph, a decentralized layer 0 protocol and network with zero transaction fees built for high volume transaction utility and use cases.

Q~ Explain in detail about Geojam upcoming presale and what are the criterias needed for investors to join the presale?

A~ We are 3x oversubscribed on our $5.9 Million pre-sale. The pre-sale is still open for strategic partners for which we are still accepting applications. You can sign up here-

Q~ Can you give us an update on what the team at Geojam has accomplished till date and your future plans for Geojam ?

A~ We’ve signed on some of the biggest artists in the world, for example, Mariah Carey is our executive advisor, 4x world champion skate boarder nyjah huston, billborad top artist, 24kGoldn to name a few.

We were featured in the New York Times!

Expert Dojo Portfolio Company, Geojam Announces an Oversubscribed $5.9 Million Token Pre-Sale for Their Utility Token, $JAM

We are currently a team of 10. The founding team has deep experience in the blockchain and crypto space. We are all entrepreneurs and have either run our own companies before or been a part of fast growing operations.

We already have the market validation, a product, users, and the celebrity backers. Creative experiences is our jam. More users increases the value of jam. Our network and years of experience increase the value of Jam. Check out some past experiences!


Q~ Can you tell the requirements for artists to get their music uploaded to your platform?

A~ We are integrated directly with Apple Music and Spotify. You can stream any music that is on those platforms within Geojam.

Q~ I can see that Geojam is available on Appstore but waitlist for Android, How can I also be on the waitlist for Andriod users. Will the app be accessible to everyone ?

A~ Please fill out the Android waiting list on our website-

The app will be accessible to iOS and Android users by Q2 2022.

Q~ Do you plan to incorporate Geojam in to the “Gaming /NFTs world”, like video game music in the future. ?

A~ In 2021 non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) stand as a key player in bringing direct revenue back into the hands of artists and creators. However, in order to mint NFT’s on the Ethereum Network, this ERC-721 standard requires gas fees that can be higher than the value of the NFT itself. On the Constellation Hypergraph Network, there will be an NFT standard that requires zero gas fees to transfer the NFT as we are running on the Constellation Hypergraph. We will be working alongside Constellation to build the first NFT, using Constellation’s standard, to create an NFT for the world’s most popular creators. What sets Geojam apart is that we have already enabled a retail marketplace through our Jam Shop in which NFT’s can be sold and earned. The possibilities are endless with multi-use NFT’s that can store more than digital value but also real-world access, experiences, metadata, and advanced governance permissions.

Q~ Is Geojam live, How can I participate in the pre-sale and do you have a global ambassador program ?

A~ Geojam is live in the Apple App Store. We are available for download in 167 countries around the world. You can sign up to be an ambassador here-

Q~ From your tokenomics, I saw that $JAM will be based on the ERC-20. But we know of the high gas fee that plagues Ethereum blockchain. I would like to know if there are plans to expand into other chains like BSC, Sol with less gas fee.

A~ It will be moving to Zero Gas Fees, L0 token on Constellations Hypergraph in Q2 2022.


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It’s really nice having the Geojam project in here!!!

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