Recap of the Lepricon AMA with Blockchain Space

On Tuesday, April 6th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Phil Ingram, The Chief Marketing Officer for Lepricon.

We asked him questions about the development of Lepricon.


Q~ Introduce yourself and your role in the team to the Blockchain Space community?

A~ Hi — my name is Phil Ingram. I am a Brit living in Hong Kong where Lepricon’s core team is based. This means it is 8pm where I am and you better believe I am doing this while accompanied by a gin and tonic.

I am the Chief Marketing Officer for Lepricon, one of three core members and a larger growing team of new team members and advisors, some of whom I will name as they are an important part of our story.

The other two core team members…

Founder & CEO — Josh Galloway, a 20 year veteran of the video games industry, AAA and mobile, who went into crypto and blockchain about four years ago because he believed in an eventual meeting of the two industries — and this is the core reason behind Lepricon.

Co-Founder and COO, Stephen Browne, a former barrister from Ireland, and has been in digital asset management for the past few years.

I am not originally from crypto — I am in the 30th year (yes, very old) of a strategic marketing career and I came to crypto from luxury travel. An industry which sort of does not exist any more!

We have some interesting people on our advisory team — a couple I will name — Frank Yu was the guy who launched the original Xbox console in Asia in the early 2000s, Jacky Lee who was a senior project lead on CryptoKitties and is one of our NFT experts on call, and Andrew Pearson one of the world’s most published authors on prediction markets.

We have a team spread across Asia, Europe and N. America but the HQ is in Hong Kong.

Q~ What is Lepricon all about and it’s key benefits to every potential user?

A~ Lepricon is a games company. The customer facing product is a platform, in development now, which hosts hyper-casual games, primarily mobile. This is why the number of people that are involved who are actually veterans of the computer gaming industry is so important.

But — we are also a child of the token economy, having raised our money (about US$4m) via private token sale, and the token, L3P, is right there on Uniswap — and gate,io on Thursday.

So, we have elements of DeFi as well, for token utility such as staking, and the platform will eventually transform into a DAO once it reaches a stable state of activity, and holding L3P in your wallet means you are recognised as part of the community and can partake in soft governance features such as proposing and voting on proposals.

The underlying idea is this.

A lot more people play games than are involved in some way in crypto.

We believe that gaming is the first of the killer on-ramps for crypto.

Because it is not about making more people understand what a cryptocurrency is. It is about taking something they know, like an in-game currency, and making it better because it is on the blockchain.

Gamers understand in-game items but those can be NFTs, for example.

So — that is what we are about — repurposing the benefits of blockchain in packaging that actually intersects with how people really spend time. And putting it in terms that mean something to them in a context that is relevant.

So our game platform will offer two types of activity — play & predict, our DeFi platform will offer the ability to swap and earn and on top of that we will heavily use NFTs as power ups across both the gaming and DeFi sides.

Q~ Explain the features and usecases of the $L3P token?

A~ Ok — on the gaming side.

L3P is in-game currency — just like many games have coins or gold that you can use to buy items in the game. From World of Warcraft to Cafe World, etc.

The difference is our in-game currency is blockchain so this means that:

  1. It can’t be taken from you

2. It travels and has value outside of the game — either in other games, convertible to something else, or as a stakeable token.

Thus on the DeFi side, we will offer all the expected activities such as staking and some extra fun such as our raffle which will have prizes including, and I am being serious:

  • The legendary bag of crap
  • The ultimate gamers loot crate
  • The real pot of gold NFT (which I am not saying more about than that

Right now, we don’t have the platform up so we are offering staking on MANTRA DAO which is currently offering about 180% yield. This was so the early token holders could get returns while we build the platform out.


Q~ I’ve seen many projects that their intention is to attract the community with their games and entertainment by giving “solution” to the blockchain, but these as time are often unprofitable by income without any vision, what difference does your project from other DeFi platforms with yield crops have?

A~ Ok — there are a number of differences with us — some of which I have highlighted above.

For example the team — we are a very public team — and you can read all of our LinkedIn profiles from the home page. A tremendous amount of experience from the games indsutry — and we are all over 40. Not your typical crypto company!

I won’t say we are giving a solution to the blockchain but I will say that we realise, with experience of going into new markets, that we have to make the blockchain relevant to someone.

Let me give you an example — a lot of people use Evernote. They don’t use it because it uses SQLite for its database. They use it because it is a great note-taking app.

The same goes for us — we are not about the blockchain -we are about games — but we will integrate blockchain in certain ways because it will make an experience people are familiar with better.

It is simply because we understand that that we believe we will succeed.

Oh — and we have a lot of money in the bank, that helps.

Q~ Been HODLing $L3P for a while , but haven’t staked it yet, how do i get started with staking on your native staking platform, any detailed tutorials on how to go about it ?

A~ Our native staking platform is not up yet — this is why we have created a staking pool on MANTRA DAO, which is very high yield. Currently about 180%. You really should!

Our native staking platform will go live in April.

Oh — there is a post on our Medium on how to do it


Q~ Can you talk about your background? How did you decide to start the LEPRICON project and why was your Token named L3P? and Where can I buy L3P Tokens? and How many audits are you planning, and which companies will be involved?

A~ Ok — that would really be a question for our CEO but, sadly, you got me. So let me speak on his behalf…

Josh worked in the video game industry from the mid 90s — starting off in QA before moving to a major publisher called Gathering of Developers. He was actually a producer on Max Payne if there are any older bullet time gamers present….

He moved to HK in 2011 and founded a couple of games companies — one a Asia publisher for an Ubisoft MMORPG called Shadowbane and then his own mobile game publishers agency. The bottom line, he did games from PC to console to hand held.

About 2016 he started seeing “blockchain” come up as a word in gaming circles more and more and so he made a side step and joined a major blockchain VC in a business development role so he could learn the ins and outs.

He could see that these two industries would collide and were actually together a potentially much greater new whole.

It was from this that Lepricon was born. We are hypercasual mobile games for now but we have much, much bigger ambitions in the future as we solve all the things we will have to solve as these two industries continue to merge.

Q~ You mentioned that decisions that are made concerning the future activities of Lepricon will be made by the community participants who hold Lepricon’s governing token, L3P. How much is the minimum amount required to participate?

A~ No minimum. The exact mechanics of how holding translates into volume of voice needs to be worked out — we want to be more sophisticated than one L3P one vote. But for sure there will be no minimum. If you hold L3P you are a member of the community. But we do need to build a proper mechanism for tiering which is something we are working on in the background.

Q~ I am skeptical of trusting new projects this days because of past experiences, what can you use to convince us that Lepricon is genuine, any features you are proud of?

A~ Hmm — I may end up repeating some of my previous answers.

  1. Look at the team, read our LinkedIn accounts, our social media accounts etc. Our team is one of our biggest strengths.
  2. Look at us on Telegram — I am there a lot and answer quesions and you will see there is a growing army of dedicated token holders who are in this for the long term.
  3. Actually look at how much money I have NOT spent on pump and dump marketing — all of it goes into product,

It does not take much to see that there is a lot of depth behind this project and is clearly NOT scam material!


Q~ Many projects have had problems with liquidity as they earn very little liquidity. Can you tell us how Lepricon can overcome these problems and give users better liquidity?

A~ Hi — liquidity is not a problem — we hit our hard cap, with our entire private and public sale allotment maxed out, several weeks ago, We raised just shy of US$4m. We have more then enough to build what we need to build and do not worry about the token price. It will catch up as we start adding real value to the brand.

Q~ What companies are you partnered with or seeking to partner with in future ?

A~ Ok — Rio DeFI (building DOT parachain) are our partner for our wallet which will enable us to do thousands of transactions per second. Blockwell built our smart contracts, Hex TRust our custodian — MANTRA DAO for staking and other areas — Genesis Block a major investor — actually, massive partnership announcement going out tomorrow!

Q~ All games that Lepricon offers will be developed by you? Or you give the possibility to user to become game developers?

A~ For now, yes in house, or in 2nd party partnership. In time, possibly early 2023, we will look at opening it up to 3rd party developers.

Q~ I saw that L3P was listed on Uniswap. Can you tell us why you have chosen this exchange and what plans do you have to launch it in others like binance?

A~ Because that is the common route for an ERC-20 token!

But we list on on Thursday and another CEX in three weeks, to be announced.

Q~ Very little public confirmation of project progress. Can you share the current progress of your project?

A~ I love this question! You should read our Telegram — I think you will find that we are among the most transparent companies there is. Here for example is something we just published recently


It’s really nice having the Lepricon project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to Lepricon.

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