Recap of the Lifeform AMA with Blockchain Space

On Monday, November 7th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Iris, A Community Ambassador at Lifeform.

We asked her questions about the development of Lifeform.


Q~ We all know that Lifeform has been a hot topic on major social media like Twitter, Discord and YouTube. Could you please share with us what Lifeform is, in your opinion ?

A~ Yes, my pleasure.

Lifeform is a visual DID project and a decentralized digital identity solution provider with the seed round exclusively invested by Binance Labs, driven by technological innovation. It focuses on the development of integrated solutions for visual DID.

The core products of Lifeform include a hyper-realistic 3D virtual human editor, visual DID protocol, a secure smart contract kit, native decentralized identity SaaS system services, and the underlying metaverse engine for Web3 cross-application development. Lifeform has successfully developed the 3D hyper-realistic virtual human editor with UE5, which has higher precision and hyper-realistic style than Unity.

Users can create any virtual avatar to link to Web2 streaming media for avatar dynamical control with one click. Lifeform is going to bring the next billion users to Web3, which I believe is of great significance for the future interconnection of the metaverse.

Q~ Since the term visual DID has appeared in the public view, we are curious about what it is and its utility for users ?

A~ In my opinion, visual DID is users’ visual identity verification in Web3. It helps everyone to create their first Web3 visual identities through MPC or zero-knowledge proofs with more practical features emerging.

In Web3, users can bind their wallets, digital assets, etc., and apply them to various scenarios with the visual DID, such as metaverse games, virtual human live streaming, IPs, business meetings, etc. This can significantly help users solve the problems of soulbond and social identity recognition.

I’m sure you all know that projects like Zepeto meet the needs of internet users and allow them to have personalized avatars representing their identities. In addition, users are happy to pay for various virtual clothes, accessories, and scenarios for their avatars and share them spontaneously.

Q~ What are the unsolved sore points in the current Web3 or metaverse ?

A~ Firstly, Web3 is still in the early stage of development. Although the concept has existed for a long time, it has not made a breakthrough.

Many Web3 platforms allow their users to create pseudonymous identities, which can be used to explore the metaverse, engage in DeFi, or create the next Web3 use case. However, each platform locks its users into their singular pseudonymous identity. For example, users on Decentraland can not bring their identities to Sandbox, which is unable to interconnect in the whole metaverse.

The second point is the complexity. For the average users, wallets are too difficult to operate. Even experienced Web3 users and large platforms have had funds stolen by trapping in phishing schemes or transferring tokens to the wrong address.

The last point is non-transferability. The current identification protocols do not allow web3 users to transfer their identities to the location that is needed easily, which limits the users’ flexibility and freedom to manage their identities in the way that best suits them, whether moving them to a new platform or transferring it to be connected with a different wallet.

Q~ Does Lifeform have solutions for them ?

A~ Yeah, these problems inspired the team to create Lifeform, and visual DID is the method to solve them.

Lifeform focuses on hyper-realistic 3D avatars, which can act as login credentials across all web3 applications. Let me introduce the current solutions briefly.

  1. On the backend, your avatar is an NFT that can be connected to your web3 wallets and provide login credentials to any application across web3, which means that your experiences and status in one area of the metaverse or web3 ecosystem can be used anywhere you need.

Q~ Could you tell us more about the application scenarios of the product ?

A~ Sure

The main product of Lifeform, the visual 3D hyper-realistic virtual human editor, allows anyone to create any virtual avatar through simple operation and easily links to Web2 streaming media for dynamic control of the avatar.

And Lifeform has achieved the exact frequency mapping with Google Meet, Zoom, Discord, TikTok, and other video-stream apps; users can use it for business meetings, virtual human live streaming and creating their IPs, etc., according to their needs.

For example, if I have a business meeting, I can choose formal clothes with my avatar and set a simple and bright scene to participate in the meeting. While I am an anchor, I can choose to wear fashionable and playful clothes and set the scene and special effects according to the live-streaming content.

Besides the applications scenarios in Web2, users can also use the avatars as their role in GameFi, which makes Play to Earn easy by binding avatars and assets together. Lifeform has already cooperated with a decentralized developer DAO, and they are developing a Live to Earn Dapp, where users can use their avatars to play. Your daily routines in Web2 can be synchronized to the world of Web3. While you in Web2 are working to earn money, your avatar in Web3 can also go to work to earn money.

The metaverse is still in the primary development stage, and all kinds of Dapps on the market only create an independent world of their own. Therefore, the virtual avatar assets purchased by users cannot interact with different applications. Lifeform will provide a complete set of metaverse Web3 solutions and 3D model automation with multi-end compatibility solutions.

These enable the visual DID to adapt different styles and precision model assets into different metaverse and achieve the interconnection. In the future, your hyper-realistic 3D avatars can not only enter Roblox to play pixel games but also enter Decentraland to shop, representing your characteristics.

Q~ With such a long-term plan, how far has Lifeform been developed ?

A~ First, I would like to share some good news that the first phase of Lifeform’s product development has been completed and has gone to the market. Many users have downloaded the product to experience the first UE5 virtual human editor.

Users can freely create their visual DID and use it to do livestreaming in Web2. For now, only LAP holders can mint original avatars. And LAP holders will get token airdrops, NFT airdrops, game attribute additionals of the gamefi in the Lifeform ecosystem etc. in the future.

The public mint will open to all tomorrow. Users without LAP need to consume BUSD to mint. For the first month, there’s special offer for everyone, and you can mint your avatar with only 1 BUSD, and 80% off any item NFT, grab it now before the price goes up.😉

Q~ Since you guys are at the last stage of 2022, what is the team’s next focus for development ?

A~ Lifeform is recruiting Web3 developers worldwide to build the decentralized developer center and develop the Lifeform ecosystem. A development team is working on the GameFi scenarios, which will launch for users and developers as the first metaverse Web3 solution application. Live to Earn gameplay will be online soon, so stay tuned.🙈

At the same time, Lifeform will provide a 3D model automation multi-end adaptation solution. Users can enter various metaverse worlds in precision model assets with the same visual DID. Lifeform will realize the interconnection between other metaverse spaces, which means your avatars will represent you entering Roblox, Decentraland, etc.

Q~ We are also curious about the general plan of Lifeform. What’s the roadmap ?

A~ Lifeform has released its whitepaper on the website. I bet people who checked it before would get a basic idea of this. Before the end of this year, we will launch the first UE5 virtual human editor and the first GameFi game Live to Earn, in the Lifeform ecosystem, which is for the avatars you guys created. Apart from this, we will provide Unreal Engine Web3 SDK for any Web3 platform to develop their virtual human ecosystem with high quality but low cost.

During Q1 in 2023, with the catalyst of UGC, the Lifeform ecosystem becomes more prosperous, and the team will carry out the metaverse show, which will be a feast of virtual celebrities. The launch of the mobile version will make the product more accessible.

By Q2, Lifeform is committed to realizing the visual DID, integrating resources, data, assets, identities, and status in one avatar, which will become a decentralized identity for every digital citizen while achieving cross-engine and cross-platform identity uniformity. That sounds cool, right?😎

You guys can check the product, your facial expressions can be captured in real time and synchronised with the avatar.

Q~ We’d like to know if Lifeform has any technical partners or is it backed up by any institutions ?

A~ As we all know, Lifeform is invested in the seed round by Binance Labs to support Web3 Digital Citizenship. Lifeform is very grateful to be recognized and supported by Binance Labs.

In a short period, the technical team worked hard to complete a version of the product that most people would be amazed by.

GeekCartel, invested in Lifeform in the pre-seed round, has always supported the development of Lifeform and guided the security technology.

As Lifeform is known by more users and Venture institutions, I believe more powerful partners will join us and build with us to achieve the redefinition of Web3 digital citizen identity.

Q~ According to the official announcement, Lifeform has had many activities recently. Could you introduce more to us ?

A~ Lifeform has launched many activities recently, let me give you a brief introduction.

  1. The referral campaign. Recommend Lifeform to your friends. Both you and your friends can get item NFT rewards. You can get your referral link on the campaign page, and send it to your friends, 5 wallet addresses connected will get you an item NFT. Each of your friend can claim their reward too. All the item NFTs can be used to dress up your avatar.


Q~ For this project, where can I get the latest information and what is the latest plan for your project. How can users stay updated with this project. Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates ?

A~ Thanks for your question. Check all the links I just sent, where you can check out Lifeform project.

To catch up the latest updates of the project, please follow the official twitter account.

Q~ Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us ?

A~ You can download the product on the official website:

This is the tutorial.

Q~ Currently a lot of people are looking at NFTs, metaverse, and games. Can you tell me what advantages will you have in this field future ?

A~ Check the answer I just answered before.

  1. On the backend, your avatar is an NFT that can be connected to your web3 wallets and provide login credentials to any application across web3, which means that your experiences and status in one area of the metaverse or web3 ecosystem can be used anywhere you need.

Each Lifeform avatar works as your cross-ecosystem login Identification enabling you to quickly dive into new metaverse world and GameFi apps with the same visual DID, status, data & asset.

Lifeform is doing an innovative thing, and make a breakthrough for Web3. Visual DID is what you need in Web3.


Check this tutorial, after minting your avatar, you can go live in Web2 apps.

About Lifeform 👀








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It’s really nice having the Lifeform project in here!!!

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