Recap of the Lithium Finance AMA with Blockchain Space

  • Unicorn companies: Consider a potential investor in Stripe, SpaceX, or another highly valued private company, who may wonder just what would be a fair price per share. Data on the company’s earnings are private, proprietary, and carefully guarded. Even if we had access, revenue or EBITDA numbers would only be a small piece of the overall valuation puzzle. Because allocations in companies like these can be rare, sellers use the psychology of fear of missing out and other tools to create the perception of scarcity and use that to drive the price higher. Some of the brokers may even make matters worse. In some cases, they could covet their information and are reluctant to share without the proper incentives, leaving many accredited and other retail investors in the dark on the question of, “What would be a fair price for this stock?” Lithium leverages proprietary algorithms to poll a community of experts who are incentivized to win LITH if their answers are determined to be high-quality and to lose them if determined to be low-quality. The imperfect information in the market relished by investment banking and brokerage firms is unfair to investors like you; we have a new way.
  • Antiques: Have you ever seen the antiques roadshow? We wouldn’t want to put one of our favorite television shows out of business, but… We can create a community to price the antique watch you saw on eBay and liked. The more data our protocol collects on any given asset, the more accurately we can price others. Collectible items and antiques represent another attractive market segment for our pricing oracle.




Blockchain space gives room for discourse which regards crypto-related topics, projects and cryptocurrencies.

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Blockchain space gives room for discourse which regards crypto-related topics, projects and cryptocurrencies.

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