Recap of the Metalife AMA with Blockchain Space

On Friday, June 3rd, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Ryan, The CEO of The Metalife.

We asked him questions about the development of The Metalife.


Q~ Can you make a brief introduction about yourself and The Metalife ?

A~ Hi guys, thanks for welcoming me here. Im the CEO of The Metalife and this project is about shaping the real metaverse in the future which today we feel like the word metaverse itself only become a sexy jargon without people genuinely knowing the core value of it.

The Metalife consist of plenty veterans in blockchain and gaming industry, some of us are more than 6 years been developing blockchain and crypto projects, and some of the teams are more than 15 years building, developing, publishing games from indie level games to AAA level Games. So yeah, we are not like those new kids on the blocks :)

Q~ Can you tell us more about The Metalife and how it differentiates from other projects ?

A~ As we believe by only creating play to earn games, doesnt make you creating metaverse and playing play to earn games doesnt make you enter the metaverse.

The world is currently in the earliest stage of building metaverse, I simply call it “primitive” metaverse. While the dream of perfect metaverse we call it as the “utopia” stage maybe still decades away from now. So there is huge gap in between, thus someone somewhere in this world should start developing the “transition” metaverse in between that. Which one important key of it should no longer carry the spirit of just playing games, but truly living inside it instead. Thats why we introduce the world a “live to earn” concept as we believe “play to earn” will be obsolete very soon.

Thats us The Metalife as a pioneer of Live to Earn concept which will help revolutionizing the metaverse development progress in the world. We will make people immigrate to the metaverse and start their new life and grab new opportunities to do business, work, trade, socialize, and so on.

Another strong point from us is we will become the first metaverse that replicates and duplicates real life situation and carries multiple types of NFTs inside one platform and each type of NFTs carries their own unique usecases, just like in the real world people have multiple types of asset class with different real functions.

Q~ May I ask at this point, how far is the progress that the team has achieved considering that this is relatively new project ?

A~ We have been working and developing The Metalife for the last 10 months but we focus on delivering and making sure that all the dreams will work. So we dont do public fund raising in the early stage like other common projects, but we focus to work first and show the results, then we let the world know our existence and let them have the opportunity to join the movement together. So yeah, we are not that “new” but we were focusing on the work first.

Thats why we now have finished our Pre Alpha version and some global influencers and youtubers already tested and tried the platform. The public will be able to try our web-based version which will be released very soon, as we will launch our NFT too and to get the whitelist is to enter The Metalife and complete some tasks in the game.

We have also tested our backend compatibility and integration capability of our DeFi and NFT marketplace with the platform which is quite challenging but we unlocked the tech to support our goals. All of the NFT Designs are now done and ready to publish.

Q~ You mentioned about multiple types of NFT in The Metalife with different usecases, can you explain that ?

A~ The common blockchain based games that we know are all p2e concept, doesnt represent real life condition. The NFTs usually only have 1-3 types to support the game, for example a dragon slayer game usually consist only 2 types of NFTs (the character, and the equipment), or a car game just consist of NFT engines and the Character.

In The Metalife, all assets in our real life condition will be available too. Citizens of The Metalife can have, upgrade, produce their NFT Properties, Equipments, Pets, Rides, Arts, Lands, Persona, Jewelry, and so on.

Each of it will be useful in the platform and carries their own unique utility to support each citizen’s life inside the metaverse.

Q~ Is there any bullish information that hasn’t yet been made public that you can share with our community for ‘exclusive’ news before we wrap up our first segment ?

A~ We have secured partnerships with other blockchain and NFT projects across the world to support The Metalife’s growth and we are glad that those partnerships are mutually benefiting each other.

We have also secured co-branding partners with some local brands and artists in more than 10 countries, they will release their first NFTs in our platform. The Metalife with its Live to Earn concept will be the game changer in the metaverse development progress.


Q~ I read your whitepaper on your website. Where we can join in for the sale? And do you have any plans after the sale ?

A~ Yes you can digest all important informations from our website and you can check our whitepaper too, its not a short simple whitepaper so you can absorb many good parts in that document.

Presale is currently LIVE on the website too, or you can go here directly and if you participate in the Presale you will be automatically whitelisted to mint our NFT soon, this is a shortcut to bypass the grinding process to get whitelisted 🤫 because we plan to release NFT soon and they will do grinding for whitelist inside the metaverse, not only in social media like the old ways of grinding whitelist.

Q~ Pretty much every single investor purchases the token for the short term, indifferent to its long-term potential. So, how could you convince us that holding this token would be more profitable in the long run, and what are your plans to raise the token's demand and scarcity ?

A~ We have plenty of scenario and strategy to maintain and protect the price, we call it Price Protection Mechanism.

We will have the DeFi integrated with the platform to push down the selling number of $MIFE and encourage people to recirculate the token inside the metaverse.

We also have Cheating Mechanism in the platform once we release it, making people want to burn the token to get more benefits in the Live to Earn world and making more money inside the metaverse.

Token Burning Mechanism will be done regularly, and the powerful part is we will have another supporting token for the platform to do our Counter Inflation Mechanism.

Yeah, we are very serious in developing this metaverse!

Q~ You said that the concept of “Play to Earn” will be obsolete and The Metalife needs you to “LIVE TO EARN”. How will your concept of “LIVE TO EARN” upgrade and improve compared to “Play to Earn”? Can you explain how it works and how to make profit with “LIVE TO EARN” ?

A~ Play to Earn derived from the name itself, is when people playing games and they get rewarded certain amount of token by doing a repetitive game tasks, the players tend to get bored easily and usually are just short term players who play multiple other p2e games, not staying in one game. They make money from it occasionally in the spare time and thus it doesnt represents metaverse.

However Live to Earn is where we try to shift people’s behavior from spending majority time in real life trying to earn money, they can now do it in the metaverse with plenty of new opportunities. We dont create a game to do certain repetitive tasks, we make people live there, capable of doing business, open job vacancy, applying for jobs in metaverse, trading goods and services there, compete their NFTs, socialize, and many more.

There will be limitless possibilities to earn income in The Metalife as we are creating the future of metaverse here.

Q~ I’ve learnt about a lot of metaverses, but none of them explain how the metaverse interacts with each other. So, could you describe how users in your metaverse would interact with one another? What is the procedure for entering your metaverse ?

A~ They must have NFT Persona to enter The Metalife, which will be minted soon and we will announce it in all social media channels.

The Persona is an NFT and will become your character in The Metalife and it represents your new life there. This NFT works like a pass to immigrate into the metaverse, each NFT Persona will have random status that will determine you Persona level either you are a commoner, rare, legendary, or godlike Persona.

The Metalife is an open world and free roam platform, people can interact with anyone anytime inside the digital events of without any events. Just like playing the Sims and GTA but combined, and become The Metalife.

Q~ The play2earn model is quite new & many blockchain based NFTs gaming project are already implementing this model. What’s your strategy to enhance the experience & global adoption of play2earn game models? What makes investment on The Metalife fun & profitable for users?

A~ As people living inside the metaverse, they must find the similarity of living in the real world. People dont shoot each other in real world, they dont breed dragons, or let their cars crash in to each others’ cars in the street. Yeah, thats a manifestation of common game.

We dont do that in The Metalife because we dont to that in real life situation. The Metalife is a real life situation metaverse like living your life but in a digital world.

Thats what makes us unique, treat this as the new world new life with new opportunities. People will spend hours and hours of screentime in The Metalife because this new life will give them new hope and new experience of living inside digital world. The Metalife will let you truly live in the meta consciousness digital world.


Q~ How do I get NFT from metalife, do I have to meet certain requirements to be able to buy in the game or how does the mechanism work ?

A~ It will be minted from our website and soon we will launch our discord. Of course you have to grind for the whitelist and it will be a whole new experience for grinding NFT as they will do it inside our pre alpha platform, yes in the metaverse. Not just like grinding in social media's or discord only.

If you later find it difficult, you can just purchase the $MIFE in presale, purchasers will be automatically whitelisted.

Q~ I saw that there are MULTIPLE NFT TYPES within the Metalife universe. What are these multiple NFT types and what features do they offer us in the metaverse universe ?

A~ Every NFT in The Metalife will carry their own use cases and since the platform idea is to offer Live to Earn concept. Thus the Persona just like ourselves in the real world need to be upgraded too.

The Persona is an NFT that will be first generated by The Metalife. Just like the creation of this world that God created all the platform, after that he created human, and afterwards human created multiple asset class.

Just like here in The Metalife, we develop the platform and Persona become the NFT as yourself and after that the rest of other NFTs will support the specs and status of Persona in its life. Making it more valuable and useful, thus making it easier to earn more income.

The more NFT you've got, the more money you can earn. The higher the NFT spec, the easier you will earn income in the metaverse.

Q~ What is the minimum to invest in your project ?

A~ The barrier of entry for the presale is quite low, as low as 0.5 eth to participate. Of course there are perks and privileges for those who participate in presale. Everything stated here

For the NFT Persona we are planning to mint it around 0.15-0.2eth and this NFT will be their precious access into The Metalife's metaverse where there will be limitless possibilities to earn income there.

Q~ According to the Q2 2022 roadmap you will continue with Global Campaigns & Community Events. So, what type of campaign do you have in mind, and how can I be involved? What are your plans for fostering a diversified community centered on a variety of technology and preferred artistic styles ?

A~ There will be online and offline events globally across countries that we already planned. Especially when this pandemic is almost over and many countries already treat it as endemic.

We will also do Roadshow to explain and educate people about the true metaverse with all its economic benefit inside it, beside that we will do a lot of metaverse events like fashion show, pet show, art and cultural show, singing competition, painting and sculpting, concert, and many more. All of those will be conducted in the metaverse.

Q~ The charges for transactions on the Ethereum blockchain is too high, why did you choose to run $MIFE token on the Ethereum blockchain given the vast number of blockchains with cheaper transaction fees, won’t this be a problem ?

A~ Ethereum is a blockchain that has proven it's robustness by thousands of dApps and developers, and offers a vast ecosystem, resources, and developer supports. The ease of using it, capability of interoperability, more secure and most validated network, are the three main reasons we still choose using Ethereum as the core foundation.

However we will also implement multichain and cross chain later on, no worries.


The metaverse is still in its infancy state, let's develop it together and let's immigrate to the metaverse. The Metalife is the pioneer of true advanced metaverse with Live to Earn concept just like our real life.

Thanks a lot for the time and participation.

Have a great weekend and be the witness of The Metalife taking over the metaverse space.

It’s really nice having the The Metalife project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to The Metalife.

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