Recap of the Panther Protocol AMA with Blockchain Space

  • Deposit their USDC into a Panther Vault.
  • Vaults are smart contracts that lock the tokens as collateral.
  • A corresponding amount of zUSDC will then be minted within the Panther Pool.
  • Our pool, in this case, helps users shield their funds to obscure transactions, incentivizing users to add to the pool to support this process.
  • The users would see their balance of zAssets from the Panther wallet, a unique wallet with privacy features.
  • The user would now be free to transact with or privately transfer the zUSDC in any way they wanted to.
  • The wallet will allow them to redeem zUSDC for the underlying USDC into a new stealth address generated exclusively for them.
  • They may also deploy any of their USDC into DeFi protocols that accept it.
  • At the time of accessing the underlying USDC, the platform will automatically burn the zAsset to prevent uncollateralized assets from circulating.
  • Thanks to Panther’s unique attestation systems, users can choose to disclose metadata of any transaction, for any reason, to anyone, even retroactively.
  • Panther facilitates disclosure of private transactions within Pools, and users can reveal public on-chain transactions in the usual way.
  • Suppose a user wants to withdraw their USDC from a DeFi protocol. In that case, they can deposit it back into a Panther Vault to obscure their DeFi history, then later optionally withdraw into another newly generated stealth address.



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