Recap of the Passive Income Bot AMA with Blockchain Space

On Wednesday, March 31st, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Contra, The Product Lead at Passive Income Bot and

Julz, The Quant Analyst at Passive Income Bot.

We asked them questions about the development of Passive Income Bot.


Q~ Introduce yourself and the Passive Income Bot team to Blockchain Space community?


Contra : I am product lead at PIB and an algo trader since 2015. Entered crypto in 2017. After working within tech industry, finally took the step and assembled my team to get my idea running. This is the first project I’m doing in defi.

Julz : Hi all am the Quant Analyst of PIB, engaged in Crypto since 2017 and been doing machine trading since 2019.

Q~ What is Passive Income Bot about, what problem will you solve in the crypto world?

A~ We offer trading tools for cex and dex and for cex tools those who dont know how to trade can earn profit dividends from the bot. So no new learning curve for trading required.

Our PIB vault. bot auto trades on binance 24/7 365 days. The profits made by the bot is shared to PIB holders. There are 3 tiers for it.

1000 PIB

3000 PIB

5000 PIB

Profit is equally divided amongst the 3 tiers at the end of the month. The more you hold the more profit you get

Sharing of profit is automated. They will receive the dividend to the same erc20 address.

Apart from CEX trading tool we have uniswap trading bot which currently has features like

  • limit orders
  • approve token before listing
  • instant buy and sell

To access the bot users need to hold 100$ worth PIB tokens. No recurring payments just need to hold the tokens.

Many more protocols to come like sushiswap and pancakeswap.

Xiaolin : Can you break it down a bit on how the profits are shared? I have to hodl 5000 PIB to enjoy the max profit right?

Contra : Yes correct

Profit is divided amongst 3 tiers

If in tier 1 less profit then other tiers, Tier 3 will receive maximum profit.

Q~ Is Passive Income Bot(PIB) a bot-inclined project, how can we make use of bots to generate passive income?

A~ Yes the PIB vault will use 12% of presale funds to trade and the bot profit is divided to pib holders if they choose to participate in the bot profit dividends.

Apart from that users can copy trade our pib bot trades right from telegram so if people missed getting allocation they can use their pib tokens to access copy trading.

50% Locked in liquidity

12% PIB Vault trading

38% Development and Marketing

Copy trading — All the bot trades are public maintaining 100% transparency so whatever the PIB vault trade is executed users can also copy the same trades on their Binance account.

Q~ Explain the tokenomics of the $PIB token?

A~ 150 ETH Softcap

500 ETH Hardcap

1 ETH = 2,000 PIB TOKENS

500 000

Uniswap Liquidity

1 000 000

Presale Supply

200 000

Marketing Token

200 000

Team Token

1 900 000 PIB

Total supply

50% Locked in liquidity

12% PIB Vault trading

38% Development and Marketing

Xiaolin : When will you be having your Fundraising?

Contra : 4th April on Unicrypt launchpad, Time yet to be decided, Funds are SAFU.

To participate in the presale there are two rounds;

1st round — for 50 uncl or 4 ucx holders this lasts for 1 hour

If presale not filled in first round it goes to round 2, here no need to hold their tokens

Our bot and smart contract both audited by quill hash, we will send you the report in few hours.

Xiaolin : Funds are SAFU, does this mean you have done audits?

Contra : Yes Quillhash, they are official audit partner of unicrypt launchpad and the launchpad locks the liquidity automatically.

Find out about them here

Q~ What are the usecases/utilities of the $PIB token, what benefits are holders of $PIB entitled to?

A~ $PIB has a whole ecosystem where whatever tools we offer users need to hold pib tokens to access it. Currently we offer cefi and dex tools. So in regards to CEFI we offer pib vault where profit dividends are shared to pib holders(need to participate in allocation and there are only 100 allocations)

Here are the tiers;

1000 PIB

3000 PIB

5000 PIB

For dex tools, We have uniswap trading bot for that they need to hold 100$ worth PIB tokens.


Q~ What partners does PIB currently have ? I couldn’t see any on your website, what specific partnerships do you have in mind?

A~ Once we launch, we will have partners.

Q~ I have been reading wonders about PIB Bot, is this bot really infallible? Nothing is perfect, how can I be sure that my funds will multiply and that the bot will not fail to analyze a pattern and instead of making a profit I will lose money?


Contra : Indeed nothing is perfect

And we do not give a guarantee that you will double your money.

For transparency we have given all the bot perfomance details. It’s upto the users whether they want to participate or not.

Julz : Yes PIB Team considers this and we are already doing constant monitoring of performance and maintenance of our bot and algos to ensure it is performing to what it is designed.

Q~ In this quarter Bots will be launched in pancakeswap, sushiswap among others, where can I follow these launches ? Can we currently know any information about it ?

A~ Once presale is done and we get listed. We will use the funds to make new trading bots.

Q~ How can someone make money on your platform, is it possible to do nothing and still earn?

A~ Yes, Please check our website and telegram group. Already in AMA we have given answers.

Q~ I have seen many facts, After listed in the Market, 70% from whole DeFi project only playing PUMP & DUMP scheme and ends with RugPulls. What is the main Differentiate PIB Project with other and will not Do the Same Scheme? How PIB project gain Community Trust?

A~ Launching on Unicrypt, maintaining 100% transparency.

Q~ Do you have any tutorial to use trading bot? How easy to use this bot will be for new user?

A~ Very easy, Detailed guide will be given.

Q~ How efficient is PIB trading bot when making trading predictions and what makes PIB trading bot stand out against other trading bots in the cryptocurrency ecosystem?

A~ We provide all information and data that people needs to know as shown on our website and PIB Channels.


This is our bot trades total history, there are 3 tabs under footer, please check all 3 tabs. No need to sign in to check the bot trades.

PIB Binance bot perfomance

Join PIB Auto bot Trades —

Join copy trading of PIB trades to your binance account — Copy trade —

It’s really nice having the Passive Income Bot project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to Passive Income Bot.

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