Recap of the Project SEED AMA with Blockchain Space

On Thursday, June 10th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Liko Subakti, The CEO of Project SEED.

We asked him questions about the development of Project SEED.


Q~ Thanks for joining us today. Please start off by introducing yourself to the Blockchain Space community and your role in the team ?

A~ Let me introduce @ProjectSeed team to you guys

I am Liko Subakti, CEO, with over a decade of experience as a traditional entrepreneur and business development, turning a small company into a company worth millions in net income. Worked at Binance as Community Manager and SEA Angel Manager before moving to as Country Manager for Indonesia. Angel Investor who invests in more than a dozen crypto gems.

Trang is the CMO of Project SEED. I started as a financial journalist and then became SEA PR Manager at Binance and PR Head for Binance Charity Foundation.

Baskoro Hadi is our Chief Studio Officier. He worked at Savage Entertainment in Los Angeles for 6 years as a 3D and SFX artist for games such as Transformers®, Scooby Doo® and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2®. Then continue working at Vriday Studio in Indonesia as the Creative Director and 3D artist and manage a team of programmers and artists to develop applications and games.

Alex Setiawan is our CTO. He is a seasoned technologist and leader with experience in multiple industries with over 2 decades of experience building softwares at Boeing, TripAdvisor, and Lexus.

Q~ Tell us what Project Seed is, how it works, and what kind of value the platform adds to the ever expanding Gaming ecosystem ?

A~ Project SEED is an ARP game platform powered by Solana blockchain and integrated with Game Studio, triple layers NFT marketplace, DEX and wallet. It’s an intriguing role-playing game app with solid gameplay and enticing storyline.

ProjectSeed has several goals:

  1. To revolutionize the Blockchain Gaming Industry

Story behind the name:

Even with our humble beginning, there are endless possibility for what we can do and what we can create. just like a seed that can grow from something so small into something that is unmovable.


🟢 OnePager:

🟢 Whitepaper:

🟢 Pitch Deck:

This is also why we choose to do Gaming project, we believe after the DeFi and NFT wave, the next wave of mass adoption is through blockchain gaming, why choose ProjectSeed:

Because we are developing one of the kind blockchain gaming ecosystem

  1. ARPG game (nobody has done before)

Join us for more information

🌐 @ProjectSeedAnnouncements

🌐 @ProjectSeed

🇰🇷 @ProjectSeedKR

🇲🇨 @ProjectSeedID

🇻🇳 @ProjectSeedVN

🇮🇳 @ProjectSeedIN

Xiaolin : What’s the meaning of ARPG ?

Liko : Action RPG (Role Playing Game)

Btw 3 closest muggle game are

  1. Genshin Impact

Q~ Can you share with us detailed information on the $SHILL tokenomics and it’s usecases ?

A~ $SHILL token usecases


By staking you’ll be entitled for GOVERNANCE, APR, and DUNGEON CREATION

Being a dungeon creator benefit you because the larger your dungeon (require larger stake), you’ll be entitled for a portion of other player’s loots if they play in your dungeon.


Users who stake are eligible for Governance proposal and if the proposal is successfully voted by other players, you’ll be rewarded.


Every settlement in the game and ecosystem will use $SHILL for its settlement, this includes, marketplace, advertisement, rentals, etc.

NFTs usecases

  1. In game asset

Cassiterite : Do you plan for farming as well?

Liko : Yes

In short our usecases are Standard use cases + much more. You get standard benefit just like with other projects plus benefit that will bring you more benefit.

And if you stake + participate in the governance, you’ll feel like being part of the team.

Q~ Did you raise funds so far? If so, how did you handle them? Are you planning to do any future raises ?

A~ We are humbled by our community. We’ve just started our strategic round and we’ve been heavily oversubscribed, meaning countless people believed and putting weight in our success. Our hope is to deliver the best possible product for our community.

VC for

Moonwhale, Black Mamba, Exnetwork Capital, Blackdragon, Gains Associate, J8 Ventures, DCI, OIG, Ava Capital, Panda Ventures, Kangaroo Capital, Insignius Capital, and many more.

Q~ Can you give us an update on what the team at Project Seed has accomplished till date and your future plans for Project Seed ?

A~ We’re hard at work to deliver the best possible product.

I would suggest and urge you to join our communities to receive our latest update, announcement, and development news

🌐 @ProjectSeedAnnouncements

🌐 @ProjectSeed

🇰🇷 @ProjectSeedKR

🇲🇨 @ProjectSeedID

🇻🇳 @ProjectSeedVN

🇮🇳 @ProjectSeedIN

Many exciting activity and news in the coming days.

We’re cooking some great stuffs in our kitchen. And even though we are blockchain gaming project, we operate, plan, and aim to be on par with the traditional game. So our quality control is super tight. Especially our CSO is an experienced game creator in the USA, so his standard is super high.


Q~ I would like to know what characteristics this project stands out, that differentiates it from other projects that may be similar. Also, what is your maximum potential?

A~ Great question, let me answer the latter first

There is no END of what we can develop, this is just the tip of the iceberg, much more exiting developments are in planning for the long term. We are here not playing CEO or project and collecting funds, we are here to build.

We have solid revenue source and marketing plan laid out in the whitepaper, you can check it out.


🟢 OnePager:

🟢 Whitepaper:

🟢 Pitch Deck:

What makes us stand out is our products and our unique features that are not in any other projects:

  1. Dungeon creator

Q~ Project SEED is one of the first gaming ecosystems built on the Solana blockchain, but in reality, there are still a lot of gamers who don’t fully understand the world of Solana blockchain and cryptocurrencies. How do you recommend your game to non-crypto users?

A~ Like I’ve shared in the beginning,

We are building , working, and planning just as traditional gaming company with Crypto and blockchain as the supporting backbone.

We are designing our UI/UX in a very friendly manner that non-blockchainers can learn about Crypto, DeFi, NFT from our game.

Q~ While I was reading about the benefits of staking $SHILL token, I came across a phrase called Random “supplies” distribution. Please can you explain what it means and the minimum amount that I can stake to be eligible for it?

A~ Yes random supplies airdrop (or even NFT) — more details regarding this to come! Stay tuned.

We are continually updating our use cases and thinking of new and creative ways on how our user can benefit from holding and staking our token.

Q~ What does the SEED name stand for? There are interesting stories behind every successful project, and of course you have to work hard ever day. Can you share one of these interesting stories with us?

A~ Yes we have a philosophy behind our names.

Project Seed

Inspiration comes from the Bible, where the smallest seed can move something that is enormously humongous. We had a humble beginning, the team invested their seeds into the project, and we believe we’ll become the forefront of immovable and inevitable mass adoption.

$SHILL Token

Though we need the celebrities influencers, the influencers that are Ultimately matter the most are our users, players, holders, and investors. Our token holders are called SHILLERS , our SHILLERS will play a major part in bringing mass adoption thru our game.

Q~ How Big Your company? How many developers and team members are currently working? Are you hiring remote workers? If someone wants to work with you, where should he / she contact?

A~ We have expanded our team from 6 people to close to 30 people all around the world.

Our main team and leadership team are in Indonesia and Vietnam, but we have our team in Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, China, India, Vietnam, Spain, UK, USA and other countries.

We are hiring very aggressively and if you’d like to be a part of the team, can email


Join Project Seed team and revolutionize blockchain gaming industry with us!

Due to our massive growth in 2021 and to deliver the product as perfect as possible, we are expanding and looking for more talents for the skillset below:

⛓ Rust Developer

⛓ Solidity Developer

⛓ Unity Developer

🎨 Illustrator

🎨 3D artist

🎨 UI/UX Artist

🎬 VFX Artist

🎬 2D and 3D Animator


Drop your CV and previous work sample to

Q~ Can you share your Revenue and income generating strategies with us? How do you ensure investing in your project is a win win for both the project and we the investors?

A~ You can take a look at this in our documentations

🟢 OnePager:

🟢 Whitepaper:

🟢 Pitch Deck:

Q~ How will you move the business registration into a country with higher standards and better law enforcement with the establishment of SEED and a more regulated approach?

A~ No, the company is incorporated in Indonesia and we’ll stay in Indonesia to be in the forefront of Indonesia’s blockchain scene. We’ll make something our countrymen can be proud of.



Users who stake our tokens will be able to create dungeons and becoming a dungeon master

By being a dungeon master, players will be entitled for an incentives if other players play in his/her dungeon, so the larger your dungeon, the better incentives you’ll get.

This incentives will eventually allows you to create NFT, and this translate into $$$


NFT is very illiquid asset, and you cannot earn if you’re not selling it.

Here, we make Rental Marketplace, just like AirBnb for NFT, this will allow you to retain ownership of the NFT (especially if it’s rare), and still earning from it.

We hope to bring dynamic in the NFT space.

Looking at the information above, are you not willing to play the game?

The above are our core product that NOBODY in the Blockchain Gaming space has ever done. First of its kind.

It’s really nice having Project SEED in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to Project SEED.

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