Recap of the R0ok Token AMA with Blockchain Space

On Monday, August 2nd, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Tyler “Ty” Campos, The founder of R0ok Token.

We asked him questions about the development of R0ok Token.


Q~ Thanks for joining us today. Please start off by introducing yourself to the Blockchain Space community and your role in the team ?

A~ Hi blockchain community. My name’s Ty, Im the founder of r0ok Token, the crypto we are here today to speak about, and the founder of r0ok Clothing Co, which is a clothing brand based in USA, that was solely created on the principle of spreading mental health awareness. :)

Q~ Let’s learn some more about the project. Tell us what R0ok Token is all about in detail ?

A~ Yeah, so to sum it up. I created r0ok Token as a charity token that has two main purposes.

1) To give the crypto community a token they can have complete trust and faith in, while building wealth for themselves.

2) To create a steady source of donations for the mental health community that stem from the crypto space.

By simply buying and holding $R0OK, you are helping an important part of the bigger cause by helping create awareness for a worldwide epidemic.

Xiaolin : Great cause I must say, there are so many people suffering from depression and other mental health issues, just a few days ago, Simon Biles withdrew from the Olympics because of mental health issues. So this is a really good cause to help a lot of people.

TY : Yeah man. Its’ really sad to see how big mental health is becoming… but at the same time, I’m so happy to finally see it becoming more public. And Simone Biles is a perfect example.

She’s always been under a lot of stress from her peers and supporters. So i fully understand her making the moves she did. 💜

Q~ Can you share with us detailed information on the $R0OK tokenomics and what kind of value the Token adds to the ever expanding DeFi ecosystem ?

A~ So r0ok Token has a relatively easy tokenomics breakdown. There was only 500million tokens minted, we burned 25% at launch (with possible plans to burn more later based on our growth) leaving around 375million tokens total, with a 6% transaction fee for every transaction. 2% as rewards for holders, 2% to the charity wallet (which creates a constant source for donations), and 2% to further project development (to make sure we can keep the project evolving). We also have a large chunk of our remaining supply locked as a charity wallet, with different vesting dates. As those unlock, we will be making bigger and bigger donations as we meet certain milestones in the future.

Xiaolin : Great Tokenomics, can you tell us some of the usecases of the R0ok Token ?

TY : For starters, we just announced that r0ok Token is being accepted in the r0ok Clothing Co store as payment, and we are working with other online retailers at the moment to accept $R0OK as payment as well. It was also be the native token payment in our NFT marketplace coming in the near future. We are also working on some other stuff as far as $R0OK being accepted for donations in the near future with certain charities.

Q~ Can you give us an update on what R0ok Token has accomplished till date and your future plans for R0ok Token ?

A~ Yeah, I’ll give a quick roadmap explanation with some of our upcoming stuff. We are always progressing. So first we maxed out our presale in the end of May, launched 31 May. We quickly had our first AMA with TGH, got our first populated listing with (which is a real-time crypto-tip system), got our first celebrity support from WWE Hall-Of-Famer Rob Van Dam and a lot of support from a couple big crypto influencers. We pushed our marketing pretty hard for about a month while we patiently waited for our Coingecko listing, which we finally got about 2 weeks ago. We announced an 500k token airdrop alongside this AMA last week. I’m happy to say that, as of yesterday, r0ok Token is now accepted as a form of payment in the r0ok Clothing Co online retail store while negotiating with other online retailers right now, and we are officially partnered up with Wolves Of Alt Street, which is one of the most popular altcoin discord servers. We are currently working on hammering out our first corporate sponsorships with some big players in the American Mental Health industry, and we’re awaiting our Coinmarketcap listing right now. We are anticipating massive growth over these next two weeks, as we have a highly calculated marketing plan that is built from a combination of my personal marketing experience with my brand and working with several crypto projects, holding a wide variety of positions before starting r0ok Token. So long story short, we’ve accomplished a lot in our first 60 days, and we’ve got our sights set on BIG things for the upcoming months.


Q~ Right now there are a lot of charity tokens aimed at helping humans and saving animals from extinction and many other charitable causes, you are the first platform focusing on mental health, why did you specifically choose to help those with mental health issues, is there any story behind this ?

A~ Yeah. There’s actually a huge reason I started a charity token. So as I said, I also own a brand that is dedicated to mental health awareness. I’ve struggled with mental illness my whole life, and I started the brand because I wanted a way to share my art with the world while helping other people specifically not feel how I felt after being exhausted and beat down my whole life. After I joined the crypto space and got some experience under my belt working for a slew of other projects, it just made perfect sense for me to start a charity token that is mental health based. There is so many “charity tokens” out there, but none of them are backed by an established global brand, few of them have documented owners, and none have an owner that dedicated themselves wholly to creating a community of warriors that will be there for each other and help each other grow, while all working together to help the token itself grow. I just felt, and will always feel, like it was my purpose.

Q~ As a community charity token aimed at improving mental health awareness, which partnerships have you formed with mental health organizations, are you working with any one currently, also can the community suggest and decide on which charities to support ?

A~ We haven’t partnered with any mental health organizations officially yet, because as you can imagine, that is a very fragile thing to be finalized with a corporation, with a lot of terms and agreements that have to be met. But I personally have built strong relationships with a few charities through my brand, and we anticipate moving some of those relationships to r0ok Token. As I stated, we are working on ironing out the details of two major partnerships with big names in the American Mental Health system, while working on a global name as well, which as you can imagine, is an extremely fragile situation, but I think we can solidify an agreement without a problem. We are also finishing our agreement on a partnership with RVD. We can’t wait to announce all of that as they get finalized. So excited about them.

Xiaolin : Sure the community would love to know the answer to the last part of that question which says, can the community suggest and decide on which charities to support ?

TY : Yeah, so when we meet the milestones to make our major donations, our hodlers will be able to vote from a list or suggest their own to add to the list, and in turn, in the end, the community decides.


Q~ How successful do you expect #R0ok to be in the future? Success requires engaging with the community. Reach out to the community in a fair way. What are the benefits to the community ?

A~ We anticipate massive growth in the coming months. We’ve met every single piece of our roadmap to date, even early for some of them. As for benefits to being a member of the community, first our token will always include 2% of all transactions made being distributed as a reward amongst holders. Our holders are the most important part of r0ok Token because our community of hodling warriors are there to help each other grow in several ways. We anticipate our growth to be organic because our warriors are always bringing their friends in on recommendation because we are here for our community 24/7. We aren’t just a crypto community; we are also here to talk privately with our warriors if they need help with mental health issues. Our plans for the future to help the community include our iOS/Android apps having access to resources for help with mental health problems, varying based on location. We think all of this, in addition to the brand constantly growing, will equate to the token being a massive success.

Q~ As a clothing brand, I would like to know what inspired r0ok clothing to venture into the development of $ROOK token that will make donations to mental health awareness and if this is beneficial to your brand ?

A~ I think this is an important question to be answered for both the token and the brand. I’ve done many interviews (even one globally broadcasted live on iHeart Radio) about this. I started r0ok Clothing because I struggled with mental illness my entire life. I always was looking for ways to focus my negative energy and at the same time, was trying to think of ways to prevent people from feeling the way I was in the future. So I threw together some art for some t-shirts, registered r0ok as a company, and started selling my shirts with designs that all had positive taglines on them, to promote mental health awareness. Since starting r0ok Clothing Co officially in 2019, and officially beginning my donations in 2020, we have donated to over 10 different charities to date. All donations were taken from the profits on every sale that was made. For more information on r0ok Clothing Co or the donation history, you can find that on the brand website. (

Q~ Most investors prefer to invest in projects that would give them good ROI. I would like to know if there are farming or staking programs that will be made available for investors inorder to increase liquidity and generate returns ?

A~ We are currently looking at different exchanges to open farming and staking programs with. Once we narrow the list down, we will update our roadmap and make announcements accordingly. But to answer your question quickly, they aren’t available yet, but we fully plan to add them in the near future.


Q~ I would love to know the meaning of the project name you gave it ?

A~ So long story short. Rook is a chess piece that is always underestimated but holds a lot of power in the end of a chess game. The lowercase format of r0ok represents that we are not better than anyone else. And the zero in r0ok represents feeling like nothing, like zero. Thats what made r0ok what it is. 💜

Q~ I have seen that you have done many AMAs, my question is, what do you expect to get from so many AMAs and what are your goals with the community? Do you consider the community to be a fundamental role in the project?

A~ Considering that r0ok Token is a COMMUNITY charity token, we feel that ama’s and interviews are an essential part of spreading awareness and creating a stronger community. We will never stop doing AMA’s and interviews. Anything that helps us reach out end goal of spreading awareness, we will always do.

Q~ As crypto users we don’t want to lose our assets to some scam projects that run away and disappear with our money so why should we invest in the your project as a long-term investment?

A~ We aren’t just a project that was just formed by somebody who randomly started a crypto to take advantage of people. I founded my brand 2 years ago, and started the token with the same principles. Spreading mental health awareness and preventing future generations from going through what i’ve been through is a passion of mine, and that will never change. We want to change the “charity coin” as it is known today and set new standards for all charity coins moving forward.

Q~ When it comes to donations to the mental health community, is it a single institution? or are they different mental health institutions?

A~ We will be donating to many different organizations that all support different aspects of mental health. From research, to support, to treatment, and more. But the community will be alongside when we choose these organizations.

Q~ Which one of these aspects is important for you?

1-Increasing Token Price & Value

2-Empowering Platform Development

3-Building Community Trust

4-Expanding Partnership Globally

In what order?

A~ I feel like when it comes to a community charity coin, the most important one from this list is building community trust. Because personally, I believe if you don’t have a strong community behind any charity token then you aren’t really making a difference. And from there, the rest will fall into place as they are supposed to organically.


I just wanna say, if anyone wants to become a r0ok Warrior, feel free to join our discord server. And if you are having any tech issues with joining our discord, just join our telegram and we will help you!

Hopefully we get a lot of future Warriors from this AMA.

Really appreciate everyone for coming. 💜

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It’s really nice having the R0ok Token project in here!!!

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