Recap of the RavenX AMA with Blockchain Space

On Wednesday, April 14th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

RavenX, The Lead developer at RavenX.

We asked him questions about the development of RavenX.


Q~ Briefly introduce yourself, a bit of your background and how you got into crypto?

A~ I am a software developer from Europe. I got into programming in primary school where it was just programming simple line-following robots, later I became interested in websites, object oriented programming and finally solidity. I got first involved in crypto in 2017 as a traded and I have been addicted to cryptocurrencies ever since.

I got into the Binance smart chain this bull run because of the low fees it has compared to Ethereum, first started just by observing the code other projects had, and then I wanted to make something of my own that could benefit the world as whole.

Q~ What is RavenX all about, explain its importance and are there incentives for participating?

A~ RavenX is a deflationary currency with a very specific purpose. We want to change the world!

Our unique tokenomis sends 2% of every transaction directly to the Binance Charity wallet. This wonderful feature allows the non-profit Binance Charity to distribute funds to those who need it most.

RavenX also send 2% of every transaction to a burn address and 2% is distributed to holders via a weighted distribution system.

So there is a 6% tax total and the supply is constantly decreasing.

Q~ What is the usecase of the. $RX token and how does it capture the value of the ecosystem you’re building?

A~ Our main use case and something we are very proud of is the ability to send funds directly to Binance Charities via smart contract. This allows the community to be 100% confident that those in need are receiving the funds and that they are not sent to a developer wallet.

This eliminates any chance of fraud and is completely transparent for anyone to verify on the blockchain.

So far we have sent over 160 BNB ($85,000 USD) to the Binance Charity within the first 36 hours since launch with a modest average marketcap of around $1.5 million.

Xiaolin : Do you plan to consider other charities in the long run or it’s strictly Binance charity?

RavenX : The smart contract is hard coded to the Binance Charities and at this point in time we are 100% focused on supporting them exclusively as the process is fully transparent.

Q~ What are the next plans for RavenX, what should we look forward to in the coming months?

A~ We are pushing hard to grow our community which will increase our charity contributions and our next milestone that we are aggressively pushing towards is to donate $1 million dollars.

The larger our community grows, the more money is sent to charity, so we have a lot of promotional and marketing events planned to help us reach our goal.

Q~ Staking and farming are ways to earn passive income, does RavenX support any form of staking and farming ?

A~ Yeah, so RavenX has a built in feature that distributes 2% of every transaction directly to token holders. We also burn 2% every transaction which continuously reduces the total supply.


Q~ I understand that part of the fee is 2% of the tokens of each transaction will be exchanged to BNB and it will be sent to the Binance charity wallet. But could you give me more information about these charitable donations? Who do they help?

A~ Binance Charities support all kinds of wonderful things like battling COVID, feeding children, and supporting people in need. They are a non-profit charity and their professional team is experienced in making sure the most vulnerable people receive the help they need.

More information on their projects can be seen here —

Q~ Smart contracts are vulnerable to bugs and may harm its users …

How efficient and secured is your smart contract, and did you ever audit it via any external party?

A~ Indeed smart contracts can be vulnerable to bugs, but our contract went through a lot of testing on the testnet and the mainnet. We’re happy to announce that we passed our first audit by BSC Checker today, and we’re planning on doing more audits in the future (War On Rugs and TechRate for example).

Link to BSC Checker audit:

Q~ According to you, a lot of RFI tokens don’t have actual utility that would make the project last for long. Please can us describe how your use case is unique and how it sustain this token for a long period.

A~ I agree, many BSC coins that are being launched these days are completely useless and usually fit in the pump and dump category.

We wanted to do something different that the community could get behind and increase in strength as time passed by.

By giving to charity we have been lucky to attract a massive community of 2917 holder in 36 hours who are all passionate about donating to charity.

Our community is amazing and we are thrilled that we all share the same vision. The larger we grow, the more lives we change.

Q~ Can you explain to me how the Meme Contest and Website Redesign will take place? When will the study date be where the website will be updated? and what news and features will it have?

A~ Our project is brand new and we certainly do have a lot of things planned.

The meme contest will be dropping this week and the website redesign is already underway.

The new website will display live coin statistics, live charity funds raised, current number of holders, and improved design and functionality.

Q~ Many new projects made a good impression at first but were suddenly abandoned. How will you manage the project and token to gain a place in the market and become a best token in the RAVEN X world?

A~ This project is something my team and I are very passionate about and we are in it for the long haul.

The team tokens (which are only 3.8%) are locked on the DXSale locker for 6 months.

We have the ability to do something really special here and we have a strong feeling that once we donate a million dollars to the Binance Charity we will attract worldwide attention and possibly even attract the attention of the Binance CEO himself.


I would like to talk about what we have achieved in this short amount of time.

What we have done so far:

🥳Donated 86k USD (159 BNB) to Binance charity fund

🔥Telegram promotions

🔥Twitter promotions

🔥470 votes on Blockfolio

🔥CG submitted

🔥CMC submitted

🔥BSCScan info submitted

🔷Trust wallet logo and info update applied

📹2 Tiktok videos

🤖Updated in-chat price bot to show total donations

Going forward 🔜

☑️First audit by BSC. Checker (in 1h 15 min)

🗣@blockchainspacee AMA today at 8 PM UTC (3 hours to go)

🎥Youtube video by Cryptojack coming up

🚜Getting listed on a farm

💰Updating the website to show total burned and donated amounts

💳Changing the amount of tokens to swap and donate to 50k tokens (now it’s 500k so the transactions happen less often, a volume of 25M tokens needs to transact so that a donation event occurs). This will be done on Monday, because the contract is locked till then (ownership renounced)

🚀Unirocket bot

💩 Poocoin promotion (after BSC Scan info is updated)

BOGGED tools promotion

Telegram link:

It’s really nice having the RavenX project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to RavenX.

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