Recap of the SuperWorld AMA with Blockchain Space

On Friday, September 3rd, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Tyler Smith, The Content Director at SuperWorld.

We asked him questions about the development of SuperWorld.


Tyler Smith : Hello! I’m delighted to be here today to talk a little about SuperWorld. Our CEO Hrish would have very much liked to come, but I will do my best to answer any questions in his stead!

I should mention that I am the Content Director for SuperWorld.

For reference, I thought it might help to drop our website link for those interested:

Q~ Thanks for joining us today. Please start off by introducing yourself to the Blockchain Space community and your role in the team ?

A~ Great! My name is Tyler Smith and I’m the Content Director at SuperWorld. Prior to joining SuperWorld, I was content director and copywriter for a number of organizations, include, Boeing/NASA Systems and Duke Cancer Center. I’m responsible for our written communications both internally and externally and work with teams to cultivate artists, virtual land owners and Augmented reality aficionados.

Q~ Let’s learn some more about the project. What is SuperWorld all about in detail, and what are some of the real-world pain points that SuperWorld aims to solve ?

A~ Great question. In as much detail as I can manage (without taking up the whole hour) SuperWorld is a virtual world in augmented reality (AR). The SuperWorld virtual real estate platform takes the form of 64.8 billion non-fungible tokens (NFT) corresponding to real world space, from historical landmarks like the Great Wall, to natural wonders like the Great Lakes along with other iconic or personally meaningful locations for users. Any user in SuperWorld - from content viewers and collectors to developers and marketers - can buy and sell virtual real estate on the platform, with every plot of unowned property starting at 0.1 ETH.

So virtual real estate is the first aspect of SuperWorld. But we’ve also got a mobile app (in open beta) in which users can place augmented reality content (including text/images/video/audio/3d/animation) in locations all over the Earth. The app is free, and it should be noted that you don’t have to own the land upon which you place the AR. With an infinite number of AR filters, anybody can place anything…anywhere!

Then finally, we have an NFT marketplace, in which NFT creators can buy/sell/explore the world of NFTs. It’s a great introduction to blockchain and cryptocurrency for many, and we’re adding more and more amazing artist’s work to our NFT Salon every day.

In esssence, though, we want to build a better world, meaning we want to people to use their property and their creations to educate, inform and inspire.

Xiaolin : Anyone can own a plot of unowned property with just 0.1 ETH ?

Tyler Smith : That’s correct. Every plot of virtual land in SuperWorld is represented as an NFT that corresponds to real world space, and all plots of land start at 0.1 ETH

Q~ The strongest projects complement the blockchain ecosystem, can you share with us some of the recent partnerships you have secured and the artists you have involved in project ?

A~ Sure thing! First off, for a detailed overview inside our platform, I would also advise people to have a look at our overview, “The Science of SuperWorld” featured here:

But to answer your question, we’ve secured a wide range of partners, from global organizations including The World Bank and UNICEF to artists and performers, including the Grammy-winning producer Illmind, professional skateboarder Stevie Williams, and Olympic medal winner Apolo Ohno, to name a few.

We’ve also partnered with and are funded by some of the biggest VC firms in the blockchain and crypto space, including Draper Goren Holm and Outlier Ventures.

Q~ Which VC’s have shown interest regarding fundraising and whats in store for future raises ?

A~ Okay, off the top of my head, we’ve also partnered with Altered Ventures (Mexico /LATAM), White Paper Capital, Cadenza, CApital Factory, Predictive and SOSV.

As far as future raises go, I can’t get into specifics but by the end of the month we’re closing a token raise and jumping into the DeFi waters. We’re very excited about the token, but I’m afraid I can’t speak too much toward it right now.

We are simultaneously closing an equity raise, I believe by end of month as well. I wish I could give you numbers, but as I’m primarily a writer and not a critical part of the dev team, they make me stick with words 😁

Q~ Can you give us an update on what the team at SuperWorld has accomplished till date and your future plans for SuperWorld ?

A~ Sure! Up until recently, we focused much of our resources toward outside projects and solidifying our name as a unique player in the metaverse. For instance, our 3D and animation teams are currently working on a number of galleries, one located in the Amazon forest, in which 2 (formerly warring) tribes are coming together to sell their art and artifacts as NFTs in our SuperWorld Salon, which you can find here:

We’re currently doing a social impact initiative with Disaster Fighters, who are backed by the World Bank, to sell NFTs to help mitigate the effects of both the terrible earthquake in Haiti, and for efforts to help Carribean communities recover from what is looking like a horrible hurricane season.

So that’s what we’ve been doing on the NFT side of things. As for AR, as I think I mentioned, the app is now in an open beta and we encourage everyone to give it a try!

Likewise with virtual real estate, we’re going over data on secondary sales and cultivating a number of site-specific initiatives for virtual landowners as well.


Q~ SuperWorld’s Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app is where your creativity comes into play. If so, from what perspectives does SuperWorld acquire the physical capacity of its environment?

Also, how can one interact directly with the physical capacities of the environment?

A~ The physical capacity for the environment is entirely at the discretion of the user. AR can be placed on a large scale, small scale and/or complement /reframe real world locations in a digital context.

Q~ How do you GUARANTEE users that SUPER WORLD is a safe project to invest IN, have you done any AUDITS yet ?

Are also a global, DECENTRALIZED and user-friendly platform ?

A~ We are global (22 languages spoken at SuperWorld by my last count. And as for guarantees, I can guarantee that we are as safe as the tech behind blockchain, which ensures a ledger of confirmed activity and transactions that will forever live in perpetuity on the blockchain. I should add that while we are on Ethereum, we remain a blockchain and platform agnostic company.

Q~ From what I have read, there are 64.8 billion plots of virtual land which can be bought, sold and collected by users. I would like to know how value is allocated to these lands considering the fact that they are virtual and are not tangible?

A~ This is the central idea of all plots starting out at 0.1 ETH. The value and geolocational “worth” is then at the discretion of the plotowner, who is then free to reprice land at whatever he/she/they wish.

Q~ Since the SuperWorld virtual real estate platform is mapped across the entire surface of the world, allowing users to literally buy anywhere on Earth. Is it in NFT’s plans, virtual reality, and augmented real estate apps?

A~ If i understand this question correctly, yes - every plot of land is itself an NFT with all of an NFTs programmable capabilites, and with AR capabiltites to enhance property - or anywhere on earth.

Q~ How can I acquire a plot of land on SuperWorld?

A~ Just go the website, and make a quick account (no financial info necessary). Then, connect a cryptowallet (i.e., Metamask) and browse the map for properties you love!

Q~ “With an infinite number of AR Filters, anybody can place anything…. Anywhere”. What those this mean?

A~ Sorry if that was unclear, Phil. The idea is that I have a SuperWorld, you have a SuperWorld - we all have a SuperWorld. Let’s say I own the Statue of Liberty in SuperWorld, but you want to place AR on it. You are more than welcome to do that, as I cant see AR content on my property unless I follow your account on SuperWorld and make the decision to view your content.


For those who missed it, here is a link to our Website:

And then to our NFT Salon:

And here is a nice write-up in the New York Times that features an interview with our Co-Founder and CEO Hrish, along with our Global Ambassador, Krista Kim:

Also follow up with us and enter our Telegram group and Twitter

It was such a pleasure! Thanks to everybody who came to listen (read, actually) and as I mentioned, before, please never hesitate to reach out to us for any reason at all!

Likewise, Xiaolin Thanks so much for the time and consideration and support of SuperWorld!

It’s really nice having the SuperWorld project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to SuperWorld.

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