Recap of the UltraNFT AMA with Blockchain Space

On Tuesday, May 11th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Giorgos Katsanos, The CTO and Developer Team Leader at UltraNFT, and

Giovanni, The Marketing Manager at UltraNFT.

We asked them questions about the development of UltraNFT.


Q~ Please introduce yourselves and your roles in UltraNft project?


Giorgos : We are new generation NFT market on Binance Smart Chain. Ultra NFT is a team of young people who are experts in their fields.

I am Giorgos from Cyprus, software developer and Developer Team Leader of Ultra NFT.

Giovanni : I am working as a marketing manager for this project. The team are very skillful and perfect growing schemas up to know.

Q~ Can you give us a brief description of UltraNFT Token?

A~ Ultra NFT focused on endangered animals and natural wonders in the NFT market. It aims to bring in its investors and to take part in projects that are beneficial to its followers. It helps associations related to nature and animals with the proceeds from all trades.

For the continuity of the project, frequent updates will be made with the growing NFT ecosystem and steps will be taken to protect natural life. Protecting natural life and living things will make our project sustainable.

Ultra NFT’s collections present natural life and endangered animals. Wildlife conservation associations are supported by the obtained liquidity income. You can follow our projects and studies on this subject through our announcement channels. By creating your unique NFT collections, you will make a profitable investment and support natural life.

Cassiterite : Quickly under this

can you share the use cases of $UNFT token?

Giorgos : Buy and sell special NFTs on our collections.

Support foundations about nature life.

And of course a strong investment for the future.

Q~ Could you give brief information about your team?

A~ We are all around the world and 12 people are working on this project. We have different skills but all of the team works in a very good sense.

Q~ According to your roadmap, what stage are you at and what have you done?

A~ In the short term, a new roadmap will be announced every month and we will reach our goals every month. In the long run, features that can be beneficial to nature and living things and actions to protect nature will be taken.

Donations will be made to natural life conservation associations, which will be determined by the voting of our community every month. The process will be shared transparently with our users who want to donate.

Next week we will release our NFT market.

Then, our Lottery program will be active

And also some online games playing on blockchain.

We are updating our roadmap. Follow us. We have lots of surprises for you.

Q~ Do you have any “burn event” plans?


We already have a burning plan and a new incineration plan will come when the targets are achieved.

Our burning started today actually. We made our first burn today. Because we reached 1000 holders :)

Cassiterite : You burn your token per certain amount of token holders reached?

Giorgos : Of course. Today we burned 500.000.000.000 $UNFT.


Q~ I couldn’t find any information, when checking on popular sites, when do you plan to list $UNFT on coingecko and coinmarketcap for more visibility?

A~ We made our applications to all popular and necessary sites. I think we will be listed in all of them in 2–3 weeks ahead of us. But we are glad that it helps you in this regard and recommends us to the sites we are not listed.

Thank you for your interest and question.

Q~ Quality is more important than quantity. Will users see some famous NFT artists in UltraNFT?

A~ Yes our aim is also to make the best NFT for our holders. Users can easily select their artists also posibility we will prepare a section that you can select your countries own traditional artist. So everyone can take their own worth of NFT.

Q~ To give you full confidence and reinforce the trust of your users in the brand, have you considered any audits the contract of UltraNFT? if yes, is the audit report available for viewing?

A~ Our audit reports are being prepared. We will publish and announce all the certificate reports we receive on our site in the coming days.

Thanks for your interest.

Q~ According to you, UltraNFT helps associations related to nature and wildlife with proceeds from all trades. Can you tell us these associations that you are currently working with to achieve your objectives?

A~ Our aim is to help communities damaged by natural life and natural phenomena. We do not have associations that we accept. We want to achieve our goals through our community. We are ready to contact any charity organizations you know. You can reach us through your leaders.

Q~ Can you share what’s the Tokenomics & Utilities details of your token? Where can I possibly purchase it and what it’s current price? What do you think, am I too late now to buy? Do you have any contract address? What’s incentives you offer to holders?

A~ You can find a lot of information about this on our official website

I don’t think it is too late now, but it is a fact that we have received great attention.

Thank you.


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It’s really nice having the UltraNFT project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to UltraNFT.

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